An Invitation

We’re glad you’re here. We are a group of women who became great friends though we have never met. Impossible? Not if God is involved.

You might be wondering how this came about. Let us tell you our story ~

In the beginning was the Word. Yes, our friendship was birthed though Genesis 1:1. We were all part of Wendy Pope’s online group that read through the Chronological Bible in one year ( Some of us have been there since 2009, some joined later. Out of that big group came the 7 of us – one from Arizona, California, Connecticut, Minnesota, North Carolina, Ohio, and Tennesee. We couldn’t be a more diverse group but God knew what He was doing when He drew us together. Daily we encourage and pray for each other as we share and grow in our walk with Jesus. 

Since the Lord is leading Wendy to a different direction next year, we created this space as a place to gather and continue to share what God teaches us daily as we read His Word. We want to keep reading through the bible, through the year. 

You can do your own bible reading plan – however the Lord leads you. Just post the verse that you read for the day and what God taught you. We can be accountability partners.

Some of us are doing the Chronological Reading NLT that we have been using at Wendy’s found here (we’re new at this and we don’t know how to do links yet):

If you want something different, try this one: With this you can listen to the passage by clicking on the “listen to the bible” icon. Or if you want to go deeper, click on “study this passage” and it will take you to a page that has the Concordance, original Hebrew and Greek lexicon and commentaries. These are just tools, of course. Commentaries are great but there is nothing like being taught by the Holy Spirit Himself.

Whichever reading plan you choose, won’t you join us? Eventually, we are all going to be sitting together at the marriage supper of the Lamb. We might as well get to know each other now.

Let us be glad and rejoice, and give honour to him: for the marriage of the Lamb is come, and his wife hath made herself ready.

And to her was granted that she should be arrayed in fine linen, clean and white: for the fine linen is the righteousness of saints.

And he saith unto me, Write, Blessed are they which are called unto the marriage supper of the Lamb. And he saith unto me, These are the true sayings of God. (Revelation 18:7-9)

Please consider that as your invitation. Come!



14 thoughts on “An Invitation

  1. Finally, it’s out! Congratulations, friend. And thank you for the invitation. I think I’ll like this place. I’m not much of a mixer but if the gathering is for God, I’d like to give it a try. It would be my first time to do this, so I’d at first read with you (read: lurk), and when I’m more confident and less shy about sharing my thoughts about the Word (quite nerve-wracking for me, yes, because of the accountability), then I’d pitch in some of mine.I thought about logging in anonymously, but isn’t this a safe place because we’re all gathered here talking about Him so that means He’s here? I look forward to meeting you all. Also looking forward to the wonderful things God would do for us through this place.Hello, everyone. Call me Joy.

  2. Ah, to be visited first by joy – I take that to be a great sign.It’s nice to see you here, Joy! I hope we have many wonderful days of sharing and feasting on God’s Word. Jump in anytime. Thank you for coming. Talk to you soon!

  3. Yayyyy! I thank God for answeriing my prayers—yet again!!! I had just started reading through the Bible with Wendy this year & have learned & loved it immensely. This is my second time reading the chronological Bible, yet with Wendy & you ladies, I have received God’s Word in a more intimate way. With the love for our Father & the different perspectives- I was longing to do this again, & agian, & again….lol. Having 2 young children- my time that I would ‘pop’ in is always different- so I didn’t always ‘write’ my thoughts- I am excited that you women of God have decided to ‘carry on’ with Wendy’s study. Shall I just make this http site a favorite & then come here for the daily thoughts & views starting Jan1st??Again, thank you ladies for your commitment to our Lord!!!Woohoo!!

  4. Count me in too! I will be starting a different kind of read through the bible in a year with my congregation reading an Old Testament verse in the morning and a New Testament verse in the evening. Our pastor will be teaching on the verses we’ve read during the week on Sunday. I’m looking forward to that but still want to continue on in the Chronological Bible and Wendy’s Psalm study too.Thank you so much for doing this! Karen – cent. OR

  5. Yay, Karen! Forgot to answer Heather's question: yes, just bookmark this site and come back on January 1st. One of us will post daily and you can leave your comments. 🙂

  6. I definitely will try this. I don’t want to stop my journey through the Word. So let’s start over again!Susan in Atlanta

  7. Hi Guys! Thanks for the invite. I’ve been trying to plan what to do next year and was a little concerned about keeping on track without a daily group meeting! Also I’ve so enjoyed the chronological Bible and I do keep a couple on hand to give out when the occasion arises and was thinking it wouldn’t be the same without the group experience so thanks a million. Love to you all!

  8. I am so glad this blog is starting. I have been with Wendy for 2 1/5 years and was so sorry to see it ending. This will be great!

  9. God bless you for keeping the daily blog. I was really going to miss it! It is my favorite part of the day. I would love to join!

  10. GIRLFRIENDS’ ~ I’m delighted that we will be pursing Godliness together in 2012! I can’t wait for the new year! Now, I just gotta figure out how to post in the right spots, lol. Thank you Jesus for Grace and Peace who is our techno queen!

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