In the beginning….

What a blessing to read your post, T!!!! As I read this morning, I just felt so honored and blessed and  privileged to be reading from the beginning of His Word again. Even for the third time, I found new nuggets!! God is good!!!  “In the beginning….” this is a new beginning for each of us; may we each give that beginnning to Him and allow Him to lead us in the direction He would have us to go in 2012.  I feel an urgency to share God with more people for our world needs Him so badly, my family members need Him so badly, my neighbors need Him, I need Him!!!    As I read, “And God saw that it was good.”, I wondered if He  would consider all of His creation good today; He placed man in charge of His creation, and we have failed Him, but yet He continues to bless us and keep us in His care. He told us to fill the earth and govern it—what has been my role in this command He gave to man???  Heavenly Father, help me to fill the earth with the gifts You have given to me; help me to use Your Word to share with others who do not trust in You as their Savior.  Lead me to show my sweet children and grandchildren that they have to draw near to You so that You will draw near to them.  Instill in me the desire to pray for our nation, for our world, for our leaders—-we as Your Creation are in such desperate need of You today and in this new year, this new beginning.  Each day is a new beginning with You, Father, and I just pray that we will use each day to glorify You in the things we do, in the things we say, in our actions—let our light shine for Jesus Christ, who is our Lord and Savior.  Thank You for a new beginning in You–every day!  Thank You that we do not have to hide from our sins because of the blood You shed on the Cross!!!  And I love YOU too, dear Lord, Amen!!!!


5 thoughts on “In the beginning….

  1. Hello ladies- I’m not so sure if I’m doing this correctly—but hopefully someone will see this and be able to answer a question I stumbled upon last night & am just now getting back to the computer with it! Ok, in Gen 1:27- god created human beings- in his image- male & female- he created them. In Gen 2:18 He says, “It is not good for man to live alone, I will make a helper who is just right for him.” That being the woman, a female. I know in the big scheme of things, this is not a really big ‘deal’ just caught my attention & thought I’d ask if anyone could explain. I also know that Deut 29:29- there are some things that we arent suppose to be figuring out 🙂 I brought in my new year reading His Word– couldn’t think of a better way I would like to spend it. I love God so much & am truly grateful that He has chosen me to know Him, and had brought me to Wendy’s class last year & now here with you ladies. It does seem more ‘fun’ to read along with others who love & long to know Him more! Many blessings to all of you ladies who have started this & who are participating….Heather

  2. Hi, Heather. We are so glad you are joining us. Re your question, I remember hearing Pastor Chuck Smith answer that on Pastor's Perspective. He said the Jewish writing style is to show the big picture first (1:27), then to hone in on the specifics  (2:18).   I hope that helps. ~ Grace & Peace

  3.  Hi!!! Thank you SO SUPER much for sharing this 🙂 I can’t find this on the site– I will figure this out!! Because I CAN DO ALL THINGS THRU CHRIST JESUS! lol!! Not even sure if this email will go thru- Im not the best with computers. Anywho, I’m grateful for your quick response- wasn’t even sure anyone would read this late 🙂 ty, God.

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