Thursday 1/5/12 With friends like that……

In  chapters 6 through 9, we see Job attempt a response to Eliphaz.  In 6:6 he compares Eliphaz’s words to a tasteless eggwhite…enough to make him gag!  When people are going through severe trials, ill-advised counsel is distasteful.  Job needed compassion more than he needed advice.  Job needed encouragement.  He needed to know that the pain he was suffering and the tears he was crying could someday be useful to someone else.  

Do I trust that?  Do I trust God enough to know that when something bad happens to me, and there is no explanation for the WHY question, that knowing God is enough?  I hope so.  I haven’t had anything serious or tragic happen to me….yet.   But God.  I have to cling to that and know that He is enough for me.  His grace.  It is all sufficient.  

As I read on;  I noticed that Eliphaz was talking ABOUT God.  Job talked TO God.  Big difference with a better outcome in the long run.  Job had a relationship with God.  Eliphaz presumed to know of God and His ways.  I have to be very careful to not put God in a box.  He works in all sorts of ways with all sorts of people.  He is God.  i am not.

I will close with a Jon Courson statement:  “The thing to remember is that, when you’re in that valley, going through tough times, the wells formed from the tears that flow down your cheeks can actually refresh others who will come after you in their journey with the Lord”.

amen and amen.


Thursday challenge:  find someone today to encourage with uplifting words, or no words at all…just your presence.






16 thoughts on “Thursday 1/5/12 With friends like that……

  1. Oh, Morgen I loved your comments today, and once again I enjoy hearing insight from someone reading through a different translation. I feel as though I am getting a double shot (smile) of goodness. Last night I was read something that came to my mind as I read about Job’s friends. The advice given stated: “Do not trust in your own righteousness, do not worry about the past, but control your tongue and your stomach.” “Love your neighbor as yourself,” Sometimes it is best to remain quiet. Fewer words are better than ill-advised counsel. We do not know God’s plan and what you said hit home: “He works in all sorts of ways with all sorts of people. He is God.” Amen, sister! Amen! I love your challenge today, you’ve encouraged me, Morgen!

  2. From the Chronological reading today I took notice of Sarai.. I watched her as she succeeded in getting her way by means of controlling her situation. She wanted to have a baby at any cost. She was not willing to wait. She took it into her own control and told her hubby… “Perhaps I can have children through her, go and sleep with my servant” (16:2) So, Abram agreed, of course. Sarai got what she wanted. But, consequences were apart of the picture. She became unloving and unchristian-like in responding to her mistress which caused Hagar to actually run away. What did God do? He had Hagar go back and submit to Sarai’s authority and trust in Him to bring her through this ordeal. But, the part that warmed my heart was that even when Sarai did this, God blessed her. He still loved her (17:16). I thought of what God told Eve, “And you will desire to control your husband” (Gen. 3:16). Our sinful nature is such that we are quite apt to want to take things into our own hands. We want what we want and we don’t like to wait.I was reminded of something I wanted terribly bad. I wanted it so bad that I prayed daily for it for over one year. Oh, God answered my prayer alright, and at the time I was very joyful. But, over the next couple of years He has shown me that the prayer that was answered was quite possibly “something I wanted” not “His will.” How my prayers have changed drastically! How I’m growing to desire His will over mine, knowing He truly is sovereign and has my interest most at heart! Just like you said today, Morgen: “I have to be careful not to put God in a box.”

  3. One more thing I just have to mention ~At the very beginning of my reading, I read: “Do not be afraid, Abram, for I will protect you, and your reward will be great” (Genesis 15:1). My current memory verse came alive ~ “When your faith remains strong through (as I endure) many trials, it will bring you much praise and glory and honor on the day when Jesus Christ is revealed to the whole world” (I Peter 1:7). God told Abram to remain faithful in Gen. 17:1. Today we also have a responsibility to remain faithful to God. Matthew 5:48 tells us, “But you are to be perfect, even as your Father in heaven is perfect.” Perfect means “carry through,” -“develop” – and in biblical language it means, “Now it is required that those who have been given a trust must prove faithful” (I Cor. 4:2). As we read God’s word and grow in our knowledge, our sinful self goes through a change as we grow more like Christ everyday. It is a sanctification process that happens naturally if we do our part by staying in his word and seeking him daily through prayer (conversation).Carrying through.Developing.Enduring.Trusting God – proving to be faithful!I just love how my N.T. verse came alive to me through a verse in the O.T.

  4. Morgen, your words touched me and the difference between talking about Go and talking TO God! Wow! Thank you! I love that you are reading a different plan because what you share seems to tie into what we need to hear as well as what we are getting from our own reading! As I read this morning, I again saw Abram’s belief and obedience. Oh how I want to put my faith into action. I desire to live a life full of faith and not the life of Sarai where she manipulated and took matters into her own hands! I’m facing a situation where God is asking me to believe Him but the mother in me wants to protect. I know He can and will bring good out of this situation and it’s by His strength within me I will speak the words that need to be said. Thank you, sweet sisters, for your prayers!

  5. Waiting..Thats what stood out today for me. How do I react during the wait? Do I wait for God or try to help the situation along? As my faith has grown it is getting easier to wait on God and trust His timing. But it is still hard to wait and fight off negative emotions. That is something that I am working on. And the way to do that is staying in His Word daily, trusting Him.

  6. Waiting AND fighting off the negative emotions. That hit it on the head for me, Linda! Thank you! In reference to my first post, God opened up to me in a big way and by His strength and trust in Him, I was able to fight off the negative emotions surrounding my situation and God showed up big time! Thank You, Jesus! A compromised was reached and a door was opened for growth for my sweet daughter! Praise the Lord!

  7. Not sure if Joy is here, but if she is . . . thank you Joy for the ‘gravatar’ site and helping me with my picture. I left a comment on Wendy’s post but wasn’t sure if you saw it. hugs and thanks again

  8. Good day ladies,I’m not sure of who wrote the first & second posting (the one who is reflecting on the chronological reading) but you hit my thoughts exactly!! How self righteous I have been before & acting like a brat- because I wanted what I wanted. To ‘take control’ or to hurry up the process- almost as if I think & feel like I deserve it. I have actually acted this way from things as small as ‘taking a break’ during a job, to wanting a child myself. Talk about an example of a curse & blessing coming from 1 word. What we ask for as a blessing can turn around & bite us in the end- or vice/versa. But like you said, our God is so full of mercy, grace, & compassion. I notice to that He tells Hagar ‘to suck it up, buttercup’ & go back & be submissive to her mistress- testing an act of obedience- but she was alos graced by an angel of the Lord for guidance. Then Sarai- she manipulates the circumstance, but has been a fairly obedient child walking with our Lord (none of us are perfect-right?) it’s as if the Lord says–wait–when I say it’s time – it’s time!! This story makes me reflect on my own life- as my husband & I tried to get pregnant for 10 years- 3 different fertility doctors & no luck. What we needed was God, not luck. After giving up on the baby dream, & being ‘forced’ to deal with ‘other issues’ is when I surrendered to God. After the initial surrender is when I began to ‘know’ Him & now I’m in LOVE with HIM! Needless to say, God has now blessed us with 2 children in our early 40’s and we couldn’t be happier. As He asks, “Serve me faithfully & live a blameless life.” It’s about Him & His purpose for me- I now realize it’s not the kids ‘I’ wanted, but the things He wants me to teach the kids He’s let me raise. :)Have a blessed day & thanks for letting me share & read,Heather

  9. Well, I lost my whole post, T did you get it in your mailbox? If so can you post it? Thanks, Brandee Ugh…I will get the hang of this eventually!

  10. Brandee ~ here you go. It appeared on my regular gmail. Brandee just commented on the post “Thursday 1/5/12 With friends like that……” on His Gathering PlaceWow Morgen this is very thought provoking. God says that we are comforted by Him so that we can comfort others (2 Corn 1:4). This verse is immediately what I thought of when I read your post and whew, to really know God and not just know about Him, or presume to know about Him. I have been reading “My Utmost for His Highest” at night and OC says, “The people who are flippant and disrespectful in their approach to God are those who have never been introduced to Jesus Christ.” Job was knowing God through this experience. He didn’t understand, but he was in dialogue with Him. The other men assumed to know what God was doing in Job’s life. Awesome thoughts sister!Here are my thoughts from the Genesis reading on Abraham :)Abram believed the LORD, and He credited it to him as righteousness. Genesis 6:4Can you just imagine how hard it was for Abram to believe what God was saying? A child at his age? Him being 100 and Sarai being 90? But he did. God said it and he believed it. Not only did he believe it, but he “did not waver in unbelief at God’s promise but was strengthened in his faith and gave glory to God, because he was fully convinced that what He has promised He was also able to perform” (Romans 4:20). He was fully convinced and because of this God credited to him righteousness.We know that Abram was not sinless. In the reading up to this point Abram went away from God’s plan by going down to Egypt and got in some trouble. When he was called to leave his country and his people for his own advantage, that tells me that there was a past that God needed to call Abram out of. There were things he needed to leave behind to go to a new place with God. Abram had sin in his life, but because he believed what the Lord had said, God credited to him righteousness. It was not his perfect obedience, it was not lack of sin, it was not circumcision, it was his faith. Circumcision came after God made this declaration and we saw how he chose to go his own way with following Sarai’s plan with Hagar. He has sin in his life, but yet we read in Romans 4 that he was the example to us. He believed and so can we.The term “credited” in the original language is an accounting term that means to credit to an account. We can think of it this way, every time we have a chance to believe God over what we see He counts that. The ultimate expression of this is when we believe what Christ did for us on the cross. We did not see it, but we believe it: “Those who believe without seeing are blessed” (John 20:29b). Through our faith what He does not count is the sins against Him! Psalm 32:1-2 says,How joyful is the onewhose transgression is forgiven,whose sin is covered!How joyful is the manthe LORD does not charge with sinand in whose spirit is no deceit!We believe in Him and our transgressions are forgiven and we are not charged with sin. David is covering the full aspect of sin in these verses. He is saying is that we can be joyful because our rebellion is forgiven (pesha’, transgression), our deliberate offenses are forgiven (hata’ah, sin), when we go astray and wander from the Lord that is forgiven (‘awon, sin), and our falsehood and hypocrisy is forgiven (remiyyah, deceit). Every aspect of sin is forgiven when we believe in what Christ did for us.Romans 4:23-25 says, “Now it was credited to him was not written for Abraham alone, but also for us. It will be credited to us who believe in Him who raised Jesus our Lord from the dead. He was delivered up for our trespasses and raised for our justification.” We are credited as righteous before God in the same way as Abraham, by faith, faith in Christ our Lord who died for our sins. Praise the Lord!

  11. Sweet Heather, Thank you for sharing your life with us ~ I can so relate when you said that the surrender to Him is what truly allows the love affair to begin, the personal and very intimate relationship. For me, I had no where else to turn to; I was hanging on to Him with everything I had. I was in a forced “wait” place and I was a sister who liked things done prompto. A true period of growing deeper with him, and now I know I can get through anything; and, I know to watch and anticipate Him in the picture cuz I know he is there! Always, he will be with me. I wrote the first couple of posts. I forget my name does not show up! This blog belongs to all of us – God’s glory alone. Share to your heart’s desire. SmileAahhh and Linda, I know about those negative emotions during the wait period, woowee do I ever! The enemy pouncing every chance he can get. As our faith increases so does our peace in the wait. I so want that peace all of the time. I don’t want to enter into the enemy’s playground.Praise the Lord, Bethany for the opened door w/ your daughter. Thank you Jesus!Thank you GP & Brandee for blessing us with your comments, too. Hugs everyone! Have a blessed day. I love my lunch break here with you girls’! : )

  12. Persevering…Finally am discovering how to read your comments. Blessings to all of you. Delighted to see familiar names. Teeny

  13. Loved all the comments and sharing. What great insights! Heather, I loved your testimony and so can relate to surrendering EVERYTHING! Even when I was believing Him for a miracle. I had no other option but to trust Him and His sovereign ways. I went down kicking and screaming but oh how sweet the surrender is! He must have known I was stubborn and hard headed. I wouldn’t trade the trial for anything. The reward of being in a relationship with our Father is priceless. Praise the Lord for all the comments and hearts that are desperate for God! Love and hugs to all! Bethany

  14. (Repost – January 5, 2012)Lori,I somehow guessed it was you but the posting time made me wonder because it was very early in the morning! Maybe now we know the secret of your closeness to the Lord. You get up when He wakes you. Me? I tossed and turned for 2 -3 hours trying to get back to sleep. To think what God and I could’ve talked about in 3 hours. Sad for that wasted time. Thankful that there is still tomorrow where his mercies are new every morning.Brandee,Yes, very informative. And sorry for the blog hiccups. Heather,Echoing Lori’s sentiments. God has given you a powerful testimony of His faithfulness when a daughter surrenders her all. Glad to have you here!Michelle,I wish Joy was posting, too but I don’t think she has made her way here yet. Maybe in the future.Bethany and Linda,Amen! I have a patience deficiency problem that God is helping me get through. I wish I could remember that when I pray, “Lord, help me be more patient,” that He will send situations (sometimes immediately!) to test my patience. I forget. Everytime. Thankful He IS patient. 🙂 ~G&P

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