Sat., Jan. 7, 2012—“Then he breathed his last….” Mema Jeanne

What an exciting time to be sharing in God’s Word with “desperate women” as our sweet Wendy called us. And, yes, I am quite desperate at this time as I try to find what I should share since I am to post. I am new at this golden opportunity, girls, and I have truly been encouraged by the previous posts by my sweet sisters in Christ. I don’t have great insight into the reading of Gen. 25 concerning Abraham’s descendants and the birth of Esau and Jacob, but there is a scripture that speaks to my heart each time I read it: Gen. 25:7 as well as Gen. 25:17
First of all, I love the peace and finality of, “Then he breathed his last….” When I was a lot younger and not close to the Lord, I feared death; I hoped that I’d never have to see someone breathe that last breath. Thankfully by His mercy and grace, God brought me back to Him, and He knew that He would have to prepare me to watch someone “breathe his last.” Little did I know that that person would be my own moma. All of the details of her life and her illness are treasured in my heart as I am sure that many of you know what I am saying if you have stood by a bedside at the time of death. What I can share is that watching her take her last breath after such a struggle was beautiful to see because I knew that at that moment, she was eternally at peace with her Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. My younger brother and I were on each side of her head, rubbing her hands; we heard the gurgle that everyone talks about, and then there it was–her last breath. In that breathe there was that last gasp, there was a loud silence, there was release from her pain, there were no more blood transfusions, there were no more words to comfort her children and grandchildren, there was no more sharing her love for us and for her Jesus, but there was peace and comfort for her as she entered into the arms of her Savior as He whispered her name!! Thank You, Lord, for that last breath and what it meant to me and what it taught me about death—it is not to be feared because we are victorious in death!!! May my family have the peace that only God can give when I breath my last…
I certainly trust that it was part of God’s plan to have Abraham’ s and Ishmael’s loved ones with them as they breathed their last. Not much is said about who was with them or how they felt, but perhaps God knew that those words would be meaningful to those of us who have been with a loved one as he/she breaths that last breath here on earth. I now know that there is beauty in death but only because of the blood that was shed on the Cross and the death of our Savior which promises eternal life.
Thank you for allowing me to share what was on my heart—all Scripture is God-breathed…!
Mema Jeanne


11 thoughts on “Sat., Jan. 7, 2012—“Then he breathed his last….” Mema Jeanne

  1. Sweet Mema Jeanne, Thank you for blessing us this morning with your post. You remain a gift to our group! Your post touched my heart and brought that scripture alive, as I recalled the recent death of my own special “Mema.” This past October 5th, I sat as the gurgling sounds came out, the noises that I had been warned would come. She was dying naturally before my eyes, but her death meant victory, – thank you for sharing this! Soothing words that went straight to my heart as tears came down in remembrance of a special grandma that meant the world to me. She will be apart of me till I take my last breath. Your story has covered me with a blanket of peace.I have loved spending time in God’s Book with each of you this week! May our faith continue to grow stronger each day as we face our own trials and tribulations. Praise the Lord for the gift we have here with each other. What an encouragement you all are to me each day. May your weekend be blessed!Lori

  2. I want Abraham’s faith, don’t you?To ponder over Abraham’s eagerness to offer up Isaac, – obedience at its best. He waited so long for the promised son, and then to be told he would have to give him up. What a test of faith. I remembered the words that God told Abraham: “I will establish My Covenant with him (17:19). Today I realized, that Abraham remembered these words and knew God was sovereign. He trusted God, and without hesitation he obeyed what God told him to do. He did not waver, in fact “the next morning Abraham got up early…” (3) and set out to do what God had commanded him to do. I strongly believe that through the previous years Abraham’s faith had grown deeper, for he had seen God in the midst and had grown in his faith over the years of “waiting” for his son. As Abraham took his son Isaac and set out to offer him up, a foreshadowing of a future event was taking place: God, offering His Son, Jesus on the cross.And Abraham said, My son, ‘God will provide himself a lamb’ for a burnt offering: so they went both of them together (22:8).And he said, Lay not thine hand upon the lad, neither do thou any thing unto him: for now I know that thou fearest God, seeing thou hast not withheld ‘thy son, thine only son from me’ (22:12).The next day John seeth Jesus coming unto him, and saith, Behold ‘the Lamb of God,’ which taketh away the sin of the world (John 1:29).Abraham passed the test of faith. God knew that this man feared him. God blessed him. Through his descendants all the nations of the earth were blessed. Why? He obeyed.Obedience = blessingsTrust and obey for there is no other way!My to do: To trust in God and remember what is impossible with man is possible with God (Matt. 19:26).Lori

  3. Dear Mema,The words you shared this morning brought memories to me of my mother’s own death and her very last breath. How blessed we are to be believers and realize that our last breath takes us into the arms of our blessed Lord. Those once feared breaths now just signal the passing that we have been waiting for our whole lives. This week the Word has opened up so much to me, thanking all of you for your inspiration.Mary Ann

  4. Ok, sorry ladies. I emailed my comment to Mema Jeanne’s post and it replaced her post. I thought I would get emails of other responses but didn’t happen like that. I can’t figure out why I get emails and other times I don’t. So, I apologize for that :(. Lori, the Lord opened up very similiar verses to us. I loved what you shared. Thank you! Have a blessed day, sissies!

  5. Such beautiful words, Jeanne. Thank you so much. When we come to our last breath, then the Breath of Heaven takes over. Such a blessing. Such a relief. Praise Him!Today in Job’s reading, I see Jesus, the Mediator Hoped for. He’s coming. He’s Alive! Job is going through such suffering. His suffering is driving him to depend on God like at no other time. Truth without life’s experiences becomes stagnant. Suffering is to give our life dynamic and passion to see beyond ourselves. Job’s friends sound like clanging cymbals…there is no love sprinkled in their speeches. In the 16th chapter, Job begs for a Mediator. An Advocate. Someone to go between God and himself. We know Who that is. We have that priviledge. May we never forget it. Amen.Morgen

  6. Good morning~Thank you Mema Jeanne for sharing your post; I think you did beautifully & I personally love hearing testimonies like this- peace, hope, love, victory.Lori, I was also ‘captured’ by Abrahams obedience. And do you know what I noticed? That this is the very first time that the word ‘love’ is used in the Bible. God didn’t use the word ‘love’ when He gave Adam his wife, she was to keep him company. God has made no mention of the word love- until now; when He asks Abraham to “Take your son, your only son, whom you love SO much- and go to the land of Moriah.” Now we know that this is a foreshadowing of how God would display His love for us by sacrificing his one and only Son; but Abraham had no idea. He was doing simply what the Lord had told him to do. Woah. Is all I have to say. I just couldn’t imagine after my husband & I waiting more than a decade for our son- & Abraham & Sarah- “times it by 10!!” And I also just noticed that the word “SO” is used in both Gen 22:2 and in John 3:16. Wow.Yes, to have the trust, faith, & obedience like this! This gives me inspiration. When things do not make sense- when I think it’s not ‘fair’ or someone will be hurt by it– if God says to do it— know that somehow, someway, it’s gonna be ‘okay.’ I do believe that us in this study & our reading, digging in His Word is preparing us for tough times ahead. It’s all right here in our Book- read it, love it, trust it, & obey it. I’ve always loved the story of how Abrahams servant finds Rebekah & the way the Lord leads him straight to Abraham’s relatives. Oh, if I would just follow the Lord’s will rather than that quick fix of satisfaction of the flesh. I am ‘fasting’ all purchases until April 1st. That means no out to eat, personal items- I have allotted myself a set amount for groceries once a week & that is it. That includes diapers, whew. Well of course gas. Basically no run up to the store & grab something, or it’s on sale- a must have. This kind of behavior is something that I can get caught up in & ‘waste’ moneys. We did this last year, & although it’s a hard one- no ‘fun’ that costs $, we get creative with our free time (literally) and the discipline is good for us all. My kids just seem to beg for chicken & fries whenever were driving down the street- and its only been a week!! LOL. You know now that Im stitting here writing this I’m seeing ‘love’ as a sacrifice. What God did for us. What Abraham was willing to do for God. What we do in our marriages, raising our kids, giving up our wants, even giving up that spot in line or parking spot. No, we may not love that person, but we love God- so we are willing to sacrifice to show the world that He is LOVE(1John4:16– God is love. Whoever lives in love lives in God & God in him). And because we have Him, we can love. Don’t get me wrong- love is a feeling- and can be a powerful one- but where are we getting the power supply?? God or the world??Y’all have a blessed weekend-Heather

  7. Okay, you guys this blog is addicting! Most certainly, after this post (I feel a long one coming!) I will have to turn the computer completely off, lol. First to read Bethany’s and smile at my twin over there in OH, we were on the same page, Bethany. You just added some sprinkles to add more goodness. (OX)Heather, what you said, “someway, it’s gonna be ‘okay.’ I do believe that us in this study & our reading, digging in His Word is preparing us for tough times ahead.”This played out in my life. I had never read scripture till I turned 50 and that was the year God directed me to Wendy’s blog. He drew me so close and then the curve ball hit from out of the blue. As my youngest turned 16, what was my biggest fear? An accident while driving. Never did I fathom a tragic accident. But, God in His perfect loving way showed me that He was much bigger than any pain I could ever have. Through my time in His Word I had developed a trust in Him, that would be used to pull me through. He brought me peace. And, I was able to get to the place where I embraced the glory that would come through the painful journey. I was able to praise Him, and you know what? That is what it took to get my attention that I had had a specific purpose in life: to further His kingdom. Daily, my faith is being increased and I know the day will come when I will share the strong faith that Abraham had. It’s the desire of my heart: the desire that God has placed deep within my bone marrow!And, I got goose bumps when you spoke on LOVF, Heather. I’m going back in my Bible and note this! This past month Morgen led us to listen to a sermon by Andy Stanley. My eyes at age 53 were finally opened up in a fresh way. A way to love. A characteristic of God. One that I want to grow more like.Andy said:God loved the world so much…God gave up his one and only son.Jesus loved us so much.Jesus gave (his life up for our sins).God loved. Jesus loved. And, as they loved what did they do? GAVE actionTrue loving brings forth giving generous. No conditions. No discriminations to “who” we give to. Wow, this is something to ponder on! When we pray to our Father, for Him to help us love those around us, – – – truly, if we love from our heart there will be an outpouring of giving. Money, time, an ear to listen, a word of encouragement, a phone call, a card, – – -many ways to GIVE.Giving = lovingAnd, between you and me, God is asking me to put a halt to my frivolous spending, specifically my purse fetish. : ) And, this blog is gonna help. I’d much rather share in the wisdom from you girls’ than take a jaunt to the mall! : )Morgen, your post was the cherry on top! Without our trials we do become stagnant. Suffering helps us look beyond ourselves. It humbles us, brings us to our knees, allows us to see through magic eyes! What a privilege we have, just like you said: JESUS!Amen.PS Bethany, the font on your post is easier to read than ours is! Girls’ let’s set out to put some “action” into loving those around us.OXOX, Lori

  8. Thank you Mema Jeanne for sharing your heart with us today. My thoughts all centered around the same places yours did- the foreshadowing of the cross and God giving the ultimate Lamb as the sacrifice for us all and also the testing of Abraham’s faith and obedience. As I began to read I immediately thought of Tozer’s “The Pursuit of God” where he talks about this story as the best illustration of putting things deep in our heart where only God show reside. God is really dealing with me about this issue as I know He is some of you as well. If you haven’t read this book or just need a refresher here is the link:…It is worth taking the time to read! As I walk through this fast this is my main focus, that God will be the center of my heart and not all the things around me that try and do root out His place.Blessings Sisters!BrandeePS I am going to try to post in the morning. I have read the reading already and one sentence stood out to me. It is not a long post, but just a thought for us to be praying as we desire our men to be godly husbands and fathers.

  9. LOVE THE FONT. THANK YOU G & P. You are the bees knees, the tech queen the get-the-job-done sister!Today I timed my errands so that I could listen to Chuck Swindoll’s radio sermon which airs here in the valley at 1:00 daily. His 20 minute teaching was on, – – – get this ~ Genesis, the exact same scriptures we read today! Oh, how I wish I was not driving and could take notes. He is one of the best Bible teachers I know, truly a gift. I’m going to share his sermon as best that I can remember. I just had to pop back in to share with you all what I could remember.He said, “This is the year of letting go!” God calls us to seek ye first the kingdom of God. The holy spirit is guiding us along these very same lines. We all seem to be talking about giving things up right now.God, first. He said at a young age we begin to see things as “mine.” He said each of us have things that we hold on to, things that are important to us, like, fetishes (yes, he actually used that word!), our job, our parents, ourself(!) our children (yikes, another hit home moment!), money, our home, and the list went on and on and on some more. He said that these “things” are greater to us than God.He said Abraham was over 100 and up till this point had already had 9 previous tests [you guys remember 9? I marked in my Bible to watch out for these tests of faith next year]…you’d think at his old age, he would be done with testing. But. God’s ways are not ways that we can fathom. God asked Abraham to do the unspeakable. This was the finality, the climatic test of his lifetime. God asked Abraham to give up the apple of his eye, his son. This is what hit me: “God was not after the young boy Isaac, God was after the spirit of sacrifice in Abraham. Wow, let that sink in! To have a spirit of sacrifice! Sacrificing is worshiping. Abraham did not argue, there was no dialogue, – early in the morning…he set out to obey.And, how could he do this? He trusted in God. Period. He believed in what God had said to him. He knew that if it came right down to it, God could bring his son back to life. Hebrews 11:17-19 17 It was by faith that Abraham offered Isaac as a sacrifice when God was testing him. Abraham, who had received God’s promises, was ready to sacrifice his only son, Isaac, 18 even though God had told him, “Isaac is the son through whom your descendants will be counted.”[a] 19 Abraham reasoned that if Isaac died, God was able to bring him back to life again. And in a sense, Abraham did receive his son back from the dead.Notice what he said to the servants w/ him? Genesis 22:5 – “Stay here with the donkey,” Abraham told the servants. “The boy and I will travel a little farther. “We” will worship there, and then “we” will come right back. That is what I call 100 plus faith in God. He remembered what God had told him previously re: the descendants being counted. He trusted with all of his heart.We will be called to give up things in our life time too says Chuck Swindoll. Many of us are already experiencing this sacrifice right now. God is not after what we give up, because it ALL belongs to Him. He is looking at the spirit in which we are giving it up!This is what I’m learning: when we give up, we can only do this by practicing His presence. Abiding in Him. Reading daily scriptures. Surrounding ourselves with strong believers that will continue to turn us back to His truth. The more we do this, the more we grow to naturally do this from our heart. It becomes our heart desire – to worship, thanking him, praising him, and over time fearing him. And, I think this is what leads to sacrificing everything. If we truly love, then we will give it up. Puts a whole new and deeper meaning into LOVE. Love = sacrificing = giving up in a spirit of pure lovePS Brandee, can’t wait to find out the sentence you are talking about! {tomorrow’s reading} And, Chuck spoke on the book you mentioned too – The pursuit of God.” I wish I could remember everything he said. I am going to get the book now for sure since you too have mentioned it. Thank you for your comments.

  10. Repost – January 7, 2012You ladies are the best. I love, love, love everything that was shared! Mema Jeanne, as you know I have also been witness to that same tender scene with my own mother. It is very sad when they breathed their last, but I am looking for the day when we shall be reunited again with them. My reading today is similar to Morgen’s Job 14-16 and in the first verse of Chapter 14, Job says “man who is born of a woman is few of days and full of trouble.” So in contrast to the other sisters’ readings in Genesis, there is no poetic “and he breathed his last” in these chapters. Job also laments on 16:12 “I was at ease and He broke me apart…” I agree with him in part. God does that to us when we become complacent. He brings circumstances to us that bring us to our knees and just tear at our hearts but what I have learned during those times is that He also brings the grace to get through it. In exchange for our trust in Him, He gives us the peace that passes understanding. I know Lori can attest to that as well.Heather, praying that you hold fast to your fast until April! It is hard to give things up but the results of such sacrifice are far more satisfying than the quick thrill of a bargain. Brandee, thank you for the link to the Tozer chapter. Looking forward to what God showed you for a post tomorrow. Lori, one of the benefits of reading Job is now I can look forward to counting the tests of Abraham to see if there really were 9. Ok, I only have 4 minutes before I need to log off.Praising God for His continued hand on our blog. The font issue was resolved. Thank you, God for leading us to Cory Watilo who graciously helped a bunch of women who kept squinting to read the comments because they had no clue how to do html coding. Thank you, God that of all the design themes for this blog, You led us to the one who is also a believer! (Cory is now an honorary Contributor to our blog.) God is so good, sissies!

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