January 8: A Praying Husband

In the midst of genealogies we find a powerful verse tucked away.

Isaac prayed to the LORD on behalf of his wife because she was childless.  The LORD heard his prayer, and his wife Rebekah conceived.  Genesis 25:21

Isaac prayed.  Isaac was a God-fearing man who sought the Lord when he saw his wife was in pain. 

This group started two years ago around the concept that there be a group of women who would hold up their husbands in prayer to see them saved, to see them become all God made them to be, to support each other on this journey of waiting on God’s perfect timing in their lives.  Through these two years we have seen one husband saved, one leave his family, one brought to his knees by a child’s illness, one who is a God-fearing man but is suffering from the effects of a debilitating disease, one who saw his only daughter get married, one who has experienced many trials in work and with his son as God is doing all He can to draw him, and one who we pray will draw near to his wife and love her as God intended. 

Some of these men are not praying men, but they can be.  As wives we can continue to lift them to the Lord everyday, trusting His perfect plan in each of their lives.  We wait with patient endurance as God works and He transforms and He molds into His image.  We wait as He knows the perfect timing for one to be saved and brought into the kingdom.  We pray for God to do whatever He needs to do to draw them to His feet, even though it scares us and it stretches our faith to do so. 

I know as these years go on one day we will all be able to say:

___________ prayed to the LORD on behalf of his wife because ____________ .  The LORD heard his prayer. 

Lord, we ask today that You will make our men praying husbands.  That You will be the sole desire of their hearts.  Lord, we pray that they will love You as we do, with all abandon and with everything they have.  We trust Your perfect timing to work in each of them.  We pray for the one that is lost and that You will continue to do whatever You need to do to bring Him to salvation.  We pray for the veil to be removed from his eyes and that he will see You, Jesus, in all Your glory.  We pray for those who are just lukewarm but know You as their Savior.  May their passion for You be ignited and may You not just be something they do on Sundays or an after throught in their minds, but may You be the central theme of everything they do.  We pray Lord for our single sister and the journey that is ahead for her.  If Your desire is she marry again, give her a husband that prays, a God-fearing man like Isaac.  Lord, we pray for the husband that is suffering the effects of disease and we pray for his mind.  Lord, give him more good days than bad and give our dear sister strength on this journey.  We know that only You can change hearts.  We ask that You invade our husband’s private spaces, their thoughts and their actions so that they might glorify You and be the praying husbands You desire them to be.  In Your name Jesus, Amen

Happy Sabbath!


8 thoughts on “January 8: A Praying Husband

  1. Tears of thanksgiving are pouring out, – for how far God has brought our group the past couple of years. He divinely placed us together for one reason: to pray and grow deeper still with Him each day. What a gift we can relish in, sweet fellowship with each other. Our trials are many but God remains with us. A dream I’ve had for some time, one that I lift up to God each morning, is that the day will come when Dave and I are sitting side by side, shoulders touching, reading scripture and praying together. Dave leading. Does it seem impossible? Oh, it sure does. But, I believe in miracles. I believe the day will come when God will answer this daily request. The day will come when I will be able to fall on my knees and say,“Who am I, O Sovereign LORD, and what is my family, that you have brought [us] this far?” (2 Sam. 7:18).I’m copying your post off Brandee. I’m so very thankful God has placed you in my life. I read this but totally missed your wisdom! You are a gifted teacher of His word. What a blessing you, little sis, remain to me! I love you, and I love our divine group, and I love what God is continuing to show us with HIS blog as we join together across the miles to study His precious word, in hopes to know Him deeper still. {{{TIGHT AZ HUGS, COMING EVERYONE’S WAY}}}Lori

  2. Sweet Brandee, your words are Spirit filled and His glory is shining bright. This group and all God has done, is doing and will do leaves me speechless and humbled. What a beautiful way to start Sunday worship – from the deepest part of my heart. I’m so grateful for this beautiful group of believing sisters! WOW, how far we have all come. The power of prayer! The power of God! The power of His love! May we let it shine! Love and big tight squeezes from Ohio, Bethany

  3. He has done and is continuing to do so much in our midst. Amazing girls what has happened in the past two years. The trials, the pains, the joys and the celebrations. It’s all for His glory and all in His timing.Love you bunches dear sisters!Brandee

  4. All I can say is…”How far we have come and how far yet we have to go.” I look back on these past two years and realize that no matter how difficult the trial…we were all joined in prayer…no matter how joyful the celebration…we were all joined in prayer…and no matter what each of our needs were…we were all joined in prayer. Where would each of us be if not for the others’ prayers? My heart is just bursting today.Happy Sabbath,Mary Ann

  5. Yes, my dears, God has brought us quite a way in these two years and I give Him all praise and glory. The heart cries were heard and we prayed for the needs of each other. We give thanks to our Father for the answers and for the answers to come. A day to give Him our adoration and worship.Teeny

  6. Beautiful, just beautiful Brandee. Thank you for sharing your wisdom & love for our God. I feel honored to be part of your group of ‘praying ladies’ or rather being a warrior with you all. Thank you–Heather

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