Are You Missing God?

“Then Jacob awoke from his sleep and said, ‘Surely the Lord is in this place, and I wasn’t even aware of it!'”  Genesis 28:16

There could easily be a modern day version of this verse which could be stated, “God was here but I went out for lunch.”  The question that comes to mind is how many times have I missed God in my day?  How many times has God provided me with a chance to experience His presence but I ignored Him?

We can take great comfort in the omnipresence of God.  God has promised us that He will always be with us in every possible situation (Joshua 1:9, Genesis 28:15).  It is interesting that before Jacob “awoke” God stated, “What’s more, I am with you, and I will protect you wherever you go…” but Jacob missed the message.  The immensity of this promise transcends what human nature can comprehend (Psalm 139:6, Psalm 73:23-24).  How can god be fully present in each one of our lives? Simply stated, because He has told us this repeatedly throughout His Word, it is a belief that we should hold dear.  It is a belief that should squelch our fears, dispel our doubts and provide us with a sense of peace that no one can take away from us, after all our Father is right there with us at all times.

Intellectually a believer can recite the Scripture and internalize the promises, but what blinds us to God?  Each of us struggle with challenges every day, these challenges create the “blinders” on our eyes, we may be…

…blinded by our hostility

…blinded by our hatred

…blinded by our unforgiveness

…blinded by our idols

…blinded by (you fill in the blank)

There are 4 key elements to finding God in our everyday life:

1. God is here, He is eveywhere.  A sense of absence vanishes when we are open to the sense of presence.

2.  Belief that Jesus won a victory over sin and death by His dying for us.

3.  Dying to self – we stop being the center of our own universe.

4.  Practice being open to change.  Changing our patterns, habits and thoughts requires practice, especially when the new routine isn’t the “easy” way.  God chooses to always be with me when I am open to it.

When we look for the presence of God as we open our eyes in the morning and let it be the last thought as we close our eyes at night soon we will live in the shadow of His wings.  “The goal is to feel God everywhere, in the little and the great, in our risings and in our sittings down, in our goings forth and in our comings in!  I can conceive of no life more blessed, and of no Spirit more akin to the spirit of the glorified, than the mind and heart of the man who lives in God, and knows and feels that God is ever present with him.”  (Charles Spurgeon)

Have a blessed day!


6 thoughts on “Are You Missing God?

  1. Mary Ann, your post leaves me with much to ponder over this morning. Thank you for allowing a verse to speak to me in a new and fresh way.How many times have I missed God? Oh, to think that I’ve ignored him, when he’s been right there next to me trying to get my attention? Dear Lord, forgive me for my rudeness.The Lord is my Shepherd; I shall not want. As I was making my cup of coffee this morning and preparing to sit down and spend time with God, those words rang through my head. The Lord is my Shepherd; I shall not want. They continue to speak to me even more after reading this teaching. My wants I do believe crowd out my Father. He longs to be the wanted One in my life. When I finally get this truth, and when it is firmly established in the marrow of my bones, – to get over myself, – to truly be humbled, – I will hit the cross of Christ. It’s simply not about me and my wants. My purpose that I want to live out, ~ “ Then [Jesus] said to them all: “Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves and take up their cross daily and follow me” (Luke 9:23).Thank you dear Lord that You are with me right now. And, thank you dear Lord that you are with all of my sisters right now, too. Lord, I want to sense your presence throughout the moments you give me today. I want to live in the shadow of your wing and fly away with you wherever you lead. Open my eyes today when I slip away. Tug at my heart when I begin to drift. Be my One and only true want. Amen.Lori

  2. Thank You Lord, for being with me my entire life; even those years I never realized it. You are so good; so loving; so kind. As I prepare this week to bury my earthly father, I thank and praise You for being my ultimate, perfect, heavenly Father. My role model; my comforter; my love. Everything that I need to know about how to get thru today or tomorrow is found in You. Thank You Jesus that You chose to reveal Yourself to me. I was lost, but now I’m found.Morgen

  3. Oh yes Mary Ann may we not miss him because we are too blinded by the other things around us! I love what you said about thinking of Him first thing as you wake and last thing before sleep. I am at a place where my mind does this and it gives so much peace. I wake in the night and my mind goes to God, it goes to scripture. Oh what a long journey that has been to get it there but it is there. Morgen we are holding you tight in prayer and in our arms across the miles this week. {{{HUGS}} Here is my post to my FB girls: Desperate Housewives doesn’t have anything on the Bible! Mercy, the drama in today’s reading. I think Jacob needs some lessons from Dr. Eggerich on some Love and Respect or a weekend in The Art of Marriage Seminar. He finds himself in love with Rachel, working for Laban to have her as his wife, then Laban tricks him and gives him Leah then he has to work again for 7 more years for Rachel. Two sisters married to the same man, one he loves and one he doesn’t. Again I say, drama!Honestly though I have always had a heart for Leah. She was the oldest and customary to marry first, but Jacob wanted her sister Rachel. Can you imagine the pain she felt when she was awakened to Jacob’s anger and him not wanting her? Granted, he was tricked and this whole thing was not what he wanted, but Leah was a women who had feelings and from the way the story reads, I imagine she had fallen in love with Jacob during all those years he was working there for Rachel. By bearing sons she so desperately hoped that Jacob would finally love her. Three times, she put her hope in the son she bore, that maybe, just maybe, this time it would be different and he would see her as she sees him, but it didn’t happen. After three failed times to gain his love through having sons Leah made the best choice she could have made, she chose to not place her expectations and hopes in her husband’s love, but she chose to put her hope and trust in God’s. When she did that she was able to praise and God used this son of praise, Judah, to become the line that our Savior Jesus was to come from.One thing I have learned in my marriage as I grow in the Lord over the years is that my husband can not be all that I expect him to be. He could not fix me or my past, he could not make everything ok, he could not save me from all my pain. He could not be my Savior, there is only one Savior, Jesus, not John. For many years I placed the responsibility on him to keep me happy, to keep me fixed and my whole self was wrapped up in him. It was a hard way to live because you remain constantly disappointed, constantly hurt and to someone who was already insecure, it just added to that insecurity. It was only when I turned to Jesus and transferred all my hopes and expectation on Him that that disappointment and that hurt was healed. It was only then as I released John that our marriage truly was good. He was free from my expectations and was able to be himself, I was able to be myself as I trusted in God. Granted, Leah found herself competing with her sister for the love of a man and her hurt came from that, but the lesson is still the same, all our hopes and our image of ourselves can not come from any other man but One, that is Jesus. There is no other. Jacob’s role in this doesn’t go unnoticed by the Lord, we will see that his partiality plays a huge role in our upcoming reading over the next week and there is suffering. I wonder if Dr. Eggerich had been there if these people would have gotten off the crazy cycle? I doubt it! After all, he was married to two women (not to mention sleeping with their slaves!)….

  4. Repost – January 10, 2012(((HUGS)))) Morgen. We are praying for you and your family. We were just reading Mema Jeanne’s post. Truly we do not know when we will breathe our last, so we have to be ready. Mary Ann, your post touched me so. I’m guilty of missing God because in my mind, when something bad happens, automatically I don’t see God there. But in hindsight, I marvel at how God’s hand was there all along. Right now, I’m home with a sick child. I’m apprehensive, given what has happened to him a few months ago. But I have already seen how God used the last two days for good. One I can share: I have a big deadline coming up at work and my boss was scheduled to return from his vacation today. I was worried about being out on the boss’ first day back because I know the first thing he’d want to do is to file what we need to file. But God somehow held his family back at the island (not a bad place to be, from what I’ve heard) and they were delayed for one day, giving me the peace of mind to stay home an extra day. God knows how to prioritize for us even when we can’t. In my reading, Job is still in the middle of his trial. He does not yet have the benefit of hindsight. I see a connection between your post Mary Ann and my nugget for today. In Job 28:20 he asks, “From where, then, does wisdom come? And where is the place of understanding?” In Job’s time, he can ask that because the Messiah has not yet come. (Can you imagine?) They had no knowledge of Jesus Christ and His saving grace like we do now. So in his time, Job is searching for wisdom, for His Redeemer. In ours – when we have the knowledge of Jesus Christ, the Bible in different translations and 2,000 years of church fathers, teachers and evangelists – we are still missing God. The last verse in Job 28:28 And he said to man, “Behold, the fear of the Lord, that is wisdom and to turn away from evil is understanding.” Job and years later, Solomon (Eccl 12:13, Prov 3:7, 14:16, 16:6) came to the same conclusion. To find God, we need to have wisdom (be in His word) and understanding (do what He says in His word).Have a blessed day, everyone.

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