January 11: A Life Set Apart

 “…The LORD has blessed you through everything I’ve done…”  (Genesis 30:30).

As we read the story surrounding Jacob we see God’s promise playing out already on day 11 of our reading.  God reminded Jacob about the blessing given to Abraham, “and all who bless you will be blessed” (27:29).  All of us here, who want to please the Lord are no different than Jacob was.  He, too wanted to please the Lord.  His life was set apart for the purpose of God. This is an important truth that needs to define who we are today.  Once we truly get this, our disposition toward our marriage, our place of work, our trials, – all will be seen through the lens of our Father.  Everything that happens will be viewed in His perfect will.

Jacob was mistreated in more ways than one.  God remained with him, showing that truly He will take care of us, no matter what; even if, those around us may be mistreating us. Just look how he allowed Jacob to thrive.  Human nature gets us to retaliate to those that are not being kind.  To give in to this, just makes us blend in to the world’s ways of handling conflict.  Remember, our life is set apart.  We are called to live a life of difference.  A life of obedience to God’s way.  A life set apart for the purpose of God.


Trust in God’s plan for our life today.  Know that we belong to our Father and that He has given us everything that we need to remain close to Him.  Trusting God when nothing seems to be working out is difficult.  We are seeing through these role-models, that it remains harder to live with the consequences of taking matters into our own hands by manipulating and influencing those around us.  With patient endurance we must wait for God to pull us through.

“Watch and pray so that you will not fall into temptation. The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.” (Matthew 26:41).


 “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose,” (Romans 8:28) to those of us who have been set apart by God.


8 thoughts on “January 11: A Life Set Apart

  1. My reading today was Job 29-31. In chapter 29, Job is remembering his former blessings. As I trod thru this difficult and tiring week of mourning my father, I am choosing to remember the past good. In chapter 30, Job begins speaking about his anguish; how he has felt let down by God or attacked by God. I will not go there. My earthly father was far from perfect, and I could drum up many things to complain about. But I chose to remember the good. To count my blessings. To praise my Lord!Morgen

  2. Sweet Morgen, my mom was led to do the very same thing. To remember the good and what God has done to bless her through her mourning period can only be said, “His Glory Alone!” Over the past 3 months he has lifted up the bitterness and negative memories that were buried within her and replaced them with the good ones that were there all along, – just buried deep below. Each morning she woke up asking Him: Dear Father, I want to remember my mom the way you viewed her.Praying for you during this time of loss, praying that God will be your strength and that through your father’s death, His kingdom will continue to be furthered. OX, Lori

  3. Morgen we continue to lift you up today as you go through this week. Focus on the good, I love that dear sister. Jacob was set apart and so are we, what great thoughts today and to know that even if things are not going on around us in the way we would like or that are not fair, God will work them all our for our good. Here is my FB post for today (not so much application today as just meshing things together in how God was fulfilling His plan through this family line):I am the God of Bethel, where you poured oil on the stone marker and made a solemn vow to Me. Get up, leave this land, and return to your native land. Genesis 31:13God comes to Jacob and tells him to leave and go back to his native land. Just like his grandfather Abraham, God is calling Jacob to separate himself and go to this land that He had promised to give his descendants. When Abraham was called he was called out for his own advantage. He was called to separate himself so that God could fulfill His plans through Him. It is the same for Jacob.The Bible does not mention specifically in Genesis that other gods were being worshiped there in Haran where Jacob was living with his family and Laban, but archeology has shown that the worship of other gods was common (HCSB notes on Joshua 24:2), and we see evidence of idol worship in the story today. Upon leaving, Rachel stole “her father’s household idols” (31:19). God wanted to be the only God is Jacob’s life and if he remained there in Haran, he would have continued to be influenced by idol worship. Just like Abraham, he has to remove himself from that influence. If He calls us away we need to get up and leave as well. 2 Corinthians 11:3 tells us not to let our minds be seduced away from complete and pure devotion to Christ. If there are things in our lives that do this God may ask us as well to get up and leave. God was making a great nation out of Jacob and his descendants and He wants to make great things out of us as well. Hugs, Brandee

  4. Morgan, you are in my prayers as you go through this week. G&P, I haven’t received emails for the last two days from His Gathering Place. I went back and clicked on Jan. 9 and found the posts. We have covered a lot of territory in just eleven days and I find myself comparing events in Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob’s lives. One important fact is obedience when the LORD spoke to them. Immediately they obeyed. They were not perfect, but God used them to bring about his plans.Father God, thank you for this group of praying ladies, their understanding of Your Word and the appliction to their lives. Bless them abundantly.Teeny

  5. Brandee – your post just so clicked with me. I don’t know why; but I had never equated God asking Abraham/Jacob, etc…to remove themselves from (get away from) the idols to God asking me to remove myself from the idols of today. It was such an “aha” moment for me. Get up and move away from those things that destroy my relationship with Jesus…my one and only true God. Morgen

  6. “Trust in God’s plan for our life today.” These are powerful words. Again, to think of just putting our whole self in Jesus’s hands and letting Him control our destiny, what a peaceful existence we would have. I continue to question myself and “why” I play this tug of war with God, I know that it will only lead me in the wrong direction. Lots to think about this evening.Hugs and love to Morgen,Mary Ann

  7. Repost – January 11, 2012Thought provoking post, Lori. It reminded me of my nugget in Job 31 where he said in verse 1a I made a covenant with mine eyes…Part of being set apart is to be mindful of what we put in front of our eyes – not only what we read and what we watch but also on what we focus our attention. The things of God often get crowded out by the things of the world and next thing you know we have lost our focus.HUGS to Morgen ~

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