Thursday 1/12/11…..Sinning Because of Suffering; Not Suffering Because Of Sin

Today in my reading of Job;  a new character is introduced.  His name is Elihu.  Elihu has been quietly waiting in the background for his turn to speak.  He had heard enough from the other 3 “friends”.  Once again, Elihu doesn’t get a lot of things right, but the things he does get right are good.

Elihu claims Job is not suffering because of past sin;  but he infers that Job is now sinning because of his suffering and feels he needs to confess his sin.  This stood out to me because of my currently suffering the loss of my father.  I do not want to sin in the midst of my pain.  I ask God to help  open my eyes to this if and when it does happen.  I desire to remain close to the Lord and be sensitive to His direction even during the most difficult times.  I want to always maintain a repentant heart.

Also in my reading today, I see the foreshadowing of Jesus!  Oh, how I love to see Jesus jumping out of the Old Testament pages.  I find Him in Job 33 beginning with verse 23.  Elihu says, “But if an angel from heaven appears – a special messenger to intercede for a person and declare that he is upright he will be gracious and say “Rescue him from the grave, for I have found a ransom for his life”.”

Oh Jesus, I cannot thank You enough for ransoming me.  I thank You and praise You for this time of suffering.  Even though my heart aches and my body is weary, I know that You are on Your throne and You alone will heal me and restore me and set me back on my feet.


Thursday challenge:  Be Jesus in the flesh for someone.


6 thoughts on “Thursday 1/12/11…..Sinning Because of Suffering; Not Suffering Because Of Sin

  1. Thank you for reminding us today that Jesus is with us when we are suffering. When we’re exhausted, when the tears keep coming, when we don’t always see Him, we know He is there. He will never leave us. It is during these very painful times that we can jump out and grasp Him, cling to Him, and grow stronger in our faith. Hugs, Lori

  2. Yes, Jesus is with you Morgen. And what a great thought to not sin even when we are in pain, to be aware even then of what we do. We can use so many things sisters to be excuses to sin, pain, tiredness, etc. May we be continually aware of His Spirit. I am going to post my thoughts from FB under the other post from today since it is about the chrono reading and Jacob.

  3. (Repost from January 12, 2012)Amen.Morgen, that was beautiful. Straight from the heart. Thank you for posting even through this time of grief. My nugget is from Job 33:14 For God speaks in one way and in two though man does not perceive it. It reminded me of quote by C.S. Lewis: “God whispers to us in our pleasures, speaks to us in our conscience, but shouts in our pains: It is His megaphone to rouse a deaf world.”The things we go through, the difficulties we face could be the work of the enemy, as in the case of Job. But God can use even what the enemy started for the glory of His Kingdom. What I’m learning in reading about Job and his friends is we need to put our trust in God. He knows what He is doing and He loves us so much. We need to be constantly in tune with His Word and ask His Holy Spirit to fill us and guide us. It’s the only way we’ll survive.(Apparently I was very chatty that day because there’s more)Lori,Beth’s Live webcast this morning was on point about this. I’m sharing my notes!Is your prayer producing fruit? Is your hobby producing fruit? Or is it just wasting time? Direct our energy to those that bear fruit.It doesn’t mean that everything we ask for in prayer, we get.Daily practice:She has a more formal prayer time in the morning and then talk to Him during the day. She finds that if she doesn’t surrender herself in the Spirit first thing, she will default to the flesh.Face down (do what works for you – me? I can’t do face down. I’m thinking I have to sweep the floor, first. Germophobe, what can I say?)She starts with Praise, “Hallowed be Thy name” then confessionreceives forgivenessasks to be filled with the SpiritThen read the Bible and journalFormal prayer:Picture the veil being torn from top to bottom – open up the curtain and let the sunshine in. God talks to us thru His Word and we talk to Him in prayer. She used to do long letters but found that she puts too much personal stuff in that they need to get burned. 🙂 Now she uses a grid method: Along the top are the names of the people she prays for: Husband, Kids, Friends, Church, GovernmentOn the side: Days of the week(Can do in Excel) This way she can document everything and keep the journals. The squares also prevent her from being self absorbed. She also integrates what she reads in the Bible with her prayer squares. For instance in Acts 1 it says the Spirit came upon the people. She prays that the Spirit would come upon A,B, C. To help us to be witnesses, etc. LONG-RANGE prayers for unsaved loved ones:In the natural man we grow weary and we tend to take on the burden that if we prayed harder maybe it will happen. Then we are tempted to think it’s not God’s will. That’s not true because it is God’s will to have people be saved.God gave her the answer yesterday. She realized she let fear have a seed in her. She has fear and intimidation. So she searched Biblegateway for FEAR, cut and pasted them. Ended up with 7 pages. She put it in her binder for quiet time.For long range prayers – do the work of searching for scriptures, print them out. Then day after day pray the Scriptures because it’s His life not us using our energy.Pray His Word over your marriage, etc.PRAY OUT LOUD!That’s her formal. Throughout the day: Just live in the presence of the awareness of that veil being open, the curtains being drawn. “Lord, what a gorgeous morning” or “Lord, bless her.” Pray about praying:For God to make me desire itThat it becomes water to a thirsty soul, not because “I have to” but I want to be with Him.Pray to enjoy it. Pray that we see Him as sovereign, mighty, and holy!Amen!

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