“A Special Gift”–1/14/12–Mema Jeanne

Sat., Jan. 14, 2012— “ A Special Gift” Mema Jeanne
Since when would a gift, something voluntarily given by one person to another without compensation or without payment, as to show favor toward someone, cause such jealousy and destruction within a family unit?? Since Genesis 37: 3-4.
When a gift is given to someone in a family situation because of being a favorite child or person, that gift causes resentment, jealousy, hurt, and perhaps even hatred among those who were not recognized as being as important or as special or as favored. We see that situation unfold in those verses. Did Jacob think of how his other sons would feel when he gave a special gift to Joseph? Did he even consider the thought that his other sons would possess jealousy in their hearts? Did Jacob sin against God in giving this gift to Joseph?? James 2: 9 states: “But if you show favoritism, you sin and are convicted by the law as lawbreakers.” These questions are ones for which I do not have answers, only God knows those answers. I do love Deut. 29:29. 😉 Our family may not be so very different from Jacob’s; however, I truly hope that no one has had the desire to kill a relative due to jealousy. Doesn’t what happened in Jacob’s family happen in our families?? Perhaps we or other members of our family have felt as Joseph’s brothers did at one time or another. For example, our parents may not have considered that a child or children may feel left out or hurt because one “special child” will inherit the home place, or be chosen to be in charge of an estate, or receive the family treasures, or given a piece of land…. These events do take place in families, yet we never think it will happen in our family!!! BUT it does, doesn’t it??? If one cannot identify with this feeling, then Hallelujah!!!! I wish I couldn’t identify with it, but I have a brother who has basically removed himself from our family because another brother was “gifted” our parents’ home when my moma died. What irony in that word gift—so many hardships, so many bills, so many things left undone–not so much a gift!! Just as my brother did not ask for the “gift” he received so Joseph did not ask for his gift –that beautiful robe, an unusual robe, not one for every day wear but one worn by royalty perhaps. However, his brothers were so jealous that they couldn’t even say a kind word to him. Oh, how sad that many of us have felt that pain of jealousy. I’m sure that many of us have walked in the brothers’ shoes.
On a brighter note, we have been given a gift, a beautiful gift, not from our earthly family, but from our Heavenly Father. It is a gift that no one has to be jealous of us having , because they too can have that very same gift–ETERNAL SALVATION!!! Romans 2:11 tells us that God shows no favoritism; His Son Jesus Christ died a cruel death for each one of us on that Cross, no favoritism was shown–He bled for all!!!! Thank You, Jesus!!!! I learned a lesson in this reading today: When we give a gift, may we think of Joseph and not do as he did, for James 2:1 says, “My brothers, as believers in our glorious Lord Jesus Christ, don’t show favoritism.” We have a gift to offer to those who don’t know our Jesus, and there is truly no room for resentment, jealousy, or hatred in that gift of knowing Him as one’s personal Savior. We want to focus on the many people in our family, our work place, our community, and our world who need Jesus as a gift- a special gift. Lord, thank You for our most special gift, and may we share It freely with others!!!
Mema Jeanne

  PS–please remember that I am not a gifted writer nor do I have the wisdom of many of you whose wisdom I absorb; I just write what God places on my heart, and I pray that I have in no way offended anyone. I couldn’t see any of this if it had not been for what took place in my own family; God used this story for me; I didn’t even see it until the third time of reading!! He is an awesome God!!




7 thoughts on ““A Special Gift”–1/14/12–Mema Jeanne

  1. Mema Jeanne, You my dear Mema are gifted, not only in your spirit-led writing, but a gifted child of God. Hallelujah! Your teaching touched my heart in a deep way. Money, gifts, whatever one wants to call it, – divide and ruin families more times than not. Personally, I watched it happen with my Mema and her only sibling, her brother. I watched it happen with my father, between the three children in their family. Then, there was my MIL and her brother. Same story. The sad thing is that in each situation, hard feelings turned each one of their loving hearts into hearts of resentment and jealousy. And, in the end: a distance between the siblings; and eventually no communication what-so-ever. As parents may we be sensitive to this with our own children.A couple of years ago I clearly heard the Holy Spirit tell me to begin praying Psalm 133:1 over different relationships in my extended clan. “How wonderful and pleasant it is when brothers live together in harmony!” This verse led me to cling to the word, HARMONY, within our clan. I knew that God desired this, – I knew that His desire was that everyone would communicate among each other. About a year ago, God increased my vision to not only pray harmony over our clan, but the world-at-large. I love the brighter gift you shared today; truly this is the gift with the red bow on top! Or can we say the sprinkles on the top of a bowl of ice-cream! Smile ETERNAL SALVATION. May this gift become such a burden on each one of our heart’s. A burden of love for those that do not know our Father or share the sweet intimacy that we have come to cling to with Jesus. May that be the focus of each one of our clans. The eternal gift, not the earthly gifts, that truly end up complicating one’s life. Like my mema taught me, it is not the “stuff” but rather the “relationships” which bring satisfaction in ones own life. May the strong faith that we have be passed down to not only family, but extended family, and to people in our circle of influence. May God use each of us to further His kingdom in a way that is pleasing to Him.One thing I did notice was the sovereignty of God playing out. In the end, God did use the hard experiences in Joseph’s life during his Egypt years to prepare him to be the preserver of the people of God, and thus the lineage of the coming Messiah, Jesus Christ. We see once again, all things work together for good to them that love God (Romans 8:28).Another blessed week in God’s Word, sharing His goodness and gleaming insights from each of you. May we share God’s burden with those we come into touch with this week. A little love goes a long way. Hugs! Lori

  2. Mema Jeanne, you have a beautiful gift, a gift of love and honesty and your writing always captivates me and makes me feel as if I’m sitting right next to you. Thank you. The question that your post begs to be asked is do we show favoritism to who we share the gospel with? Ouch. I can honestly say that I write people off if I feel they may not understand or think differently of me, if they don’t seem interested in that type of thinking. Sad, very sad. Lord, please forgive us when we judge others and miss the opportunity to share your Good News. Open our hearts and eyes to everyone you have placed on our path. Prick our spirit when You are asking us to step outside the box, reach out of our comfort zone and show our love and faith in You. Empower us and give us Your words to share. Thank You for this calling and special privilege to be servants of the Most High God. You show no favoritism and may we not as well. Break the barriers that divide believers and non and gives us the courage to cross that line and offer gifts of love and salvation. In Jesus Name we pray, Amen.  Have a blessed day, sweet sisters! Love and hugs to you all! BethanySent from my iPhone

  3. Jeanne…beautiful writing and very timely for me. May it not be so in my family. May we all be bonded in our love for God first and may any spark of jealously or resentment or bitterness be snuffed out by the work of the Holy Spirit.Bethany…I LOVED how you tied Mema’s two thoughts together! Do we show favoritism ourselves in who we choose to witness to? Great question to ponder. I would have to unfortunately say “yes I do” to your question. May Jesus wake me up to this, tap me on the shoulder and nudge me forward with whomever He places in my path.In my Job reading today, God shows up. When God shows up His majesty is always apparent. He is the God of all creation, Maker of all things, Ruler of all, Giver of all. I praise You Father that You have shown up big for me today. You are Mighty….i am not. Morgen

  4. My FB post from today~The talk of today and all around us is Tim Tebow and his stand for Jesus. I think it is an awesome thing to watch this man being in the spotlight standing for what he believes in despite criticism that he might receive. Because of his public stand he needs our prayers sisters. God is using him in a great way, but we all know that when God is using someone Satan is right there as well just buying his time waiting to try to pounce. In our story today Joseph was a man God was using as well. Even though his brothers had done awful things to him, God was with him and he was gaining favor everywhere he went. But just as he had favor and it was known that he was standing for God, Satan was there tempting. Temptation confronted Joseph again and again but yet he was able to resist and flee. Tebow is a guy who is in the public spotlight standing for Christ and wouldn’t it be just like Satan to try to take him down in whatever way he can to make him fall in the eyes of Christians, to make him fall in the eyes of the country and all those watching to say, “see he’s just a hypocrite like the rest of them.” Today I am praying for Tebow and the stand that he is taking. I am praying that he will be stronger than his temptations and stronger than his weaknesses as he leans on Jesus just as Joseph did and fled from Potipher’s wife. May we also flee the temptations that surround us. Those that others see and those that we may find ourselves in when no one else is around but us and God. May we be like Joesph and flee! Oh and GO BRONCOS!!!! 😉

  5. Mema I just loved this today and how you related it to the gift that God gives without favorites- the best gift of salvation. Love it dear sister, wish I could write more but I really got to get off here!Later sissies, Brandee

  6. (Repost – from January 14, 2012)Mema Jeanne,You share your heart, what could be more beautiful than that? I love what each of my sissies have shared. That multicolored coat is still making the rounds today and the enemy is using it to divide families. Isn’t it just like him to pervert what is intended for good and turn it into something ugly? Your post is a great reminder for those of us with more than one child not to favor one over the other. You think Jacob would’ve remembered what happened between him and Esau and how one was favored by the mother and the other by the father. May we not have such short memories.In my reading on Job, finally, God showed up!!! It took 39 chapters but He did. In our lives sometimes it feels like GOD will never show up because it has been so long, but He always does. And when it finally happens, we can’t help but be in awe of His majesty!I’m so thankful for everyone here. I get a double portion of blessings when I read the comments. 🙂

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