Thursday 1/26/12…..Jesus, The Greater Than Joseph……

I love it when the Old Testament points to Jesus.  In my Genesis reading today, I could not get over how much Joseph’s life parallels Jesus’ life.  I began to write down some examples that jumped out at me…and then I researched it a bit further online and could not believe how many similarities there truly are in these few chapters about Joseph.  I am going to spend my post listing some of the examples that I found, and then I challenge you to add any that you can think of.  Okay, here we go:

They both were their Father’s favorite Son

They served their Father faithfully

Their own hated them, plotted against them, and betrayed them

Both were sold for money

They both spent years in obscurity

 They both were the humblest of servants….ones Who served loyally

They resisted temptation

They accepted injustice without bitterness

They gave God the glory!

Both wept over sins of their own people

Both were written off as dead

Their words exposed the guilt of others

Their actions pointed to God

They had great patience

They both spoke of 7 years of tribulation

Pharoah said, “no one has the Spirit of God like Joseph”…yet Jesus had more!

“Bow the knee to Joseph”….and the same happens when Jesus comes back!

Joseph was given a gentile bride;  the church is the gentile bride of Christ

Both were 30 when they began  their kingdom work

…..and so on, and so on……..I had never really grasped this concept the previous times that I have read through the Bible.  I knew there were some parallels, but not as many as I saw this go ’round.  Isn’t God amazing?  He so desires us to see Jesus and to know Him as our Savior.  He allowed Jesus to jump out at me this time reading about Joseph.  It makes me never want to quit reading the bible….what secrets and surprises does He have in store for me as I keep reading?  I’m staying tuned!


Thursday challenge:  Find an opportunity today to verbally give God the glory for something that occurs.


8 thoughts on “Thursday 1/26/12…..Jesus, The Greater Than Joseph……

  1. Morgen, I had never drawn all those parallels. I have listened to some sermons on the OT and it’s predictions of what was to come in the NT but you have just helped me to bridge the “gap” with Joseph. I love reading the story of Joseph, I honor his ability to forgive and forget and I would love to emulate his ability to wait for the negatives in his life to become positives. This morning as I was driving in to work with too many thoughts rolling around in my mind I came to a single thought…None of this would be here if it were not for God! The road, the cars, the sky, the trees, the everything it is all here because of God, thanking Him seems so inadequate in light of all that He has provided for us.Have a blessed day,Mary Ann

  2. G&P,Those words of He may ask us to leave something good, which causes pain at the moment, for something even better, that you posted on the Wendy’s Psalms study drew me to the blog today. Thank You Jesus.

  3. First of all, thanks for the encouraging words on my own blog. What a special blessing to share with people their thoughts and dreams. Your blog is bursting with the quiet reflection of Christ’s love. What a wonderful gift with which you are blessed.

  4. (Repost of my deleted January 26, 2012 comment – thank goodness I’m an e-mail pack rat!)What a comprehensive list. Thank you, Morgen! It makes a difference when we read the OT on the lookout for Jesus. He is woven all the way through.For my challenge today: I’m thankful for the online friends He has placed in my path – even for just a season. They have helped me grow in the Lord daily. I’m thankful that God speaks to us individually and tells us what He wants us to do to further His Kingdom. He may ask us to leave something good, which causes pain at the moment, for something even better. To God be the glory!

  5. G&P Thank You for texting her and telling her that I had posted a message. Lori has told me the compete update and what is up with her and what The Lord is speaking to her about.I feel like I know you but I don’t, just by your comments on the RTW blog from previous years. I didnt comment as much as maybe I should have, mostly out of fear. The Lord has been  slowly setting me free of it for a while now. Haven t been on your blog for a few days, want to take it as HE leads.Thank You, Debra

  6. Debra,I agree with you. We can never go wrong with following where – and how – the Lord leads. Blessings to you,G&P

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