“For I am full of pent-up words…” Jan. 28–Mema Jeanne

Saturday, Jan. 12, 2012– “for I am full of pent-up words…”–Mema Jeanne
Sorry that my post is a day late, but I just couldn’t bring myself to write yesterday because my heart has been burdened, and I had to have time to sort through what the Lord is leading me to write about.
The reading for Sat. was challenging to me; so I read commentaries, a different Bible text, and I still came up with what I originally felt that God was leading me to write about.
Being the oldest in a special group of our Seven Sisters, it was thought that because I am older that what I would write would be full of wisdom; I doubted that for a while, but God’s Word today has shown me that regardless of age, He is the Giver of Wisdom when our heart, mind, and soul are ready for it. Elihu was younger; yet as he spoke out in anger, he said a lot that was worth listening to. God knows each of us and He knows our heart; He is the Creator of all. I admit that I probably do see things from a different prospective because I have lived longer and have experienced more trials and temptations, but in recent months, I have been challenged by godly women who “have grown me in the Lord.”
Our group of seven Jesus Girls was started out of a need of prayer for our unsaved loved ones; there is no doubt to that, and as God directed, our group became more of a sisterhood where we shared our thoughts, our feelings, our families (to a certain extent). I do not feel that what was shared among seven women that God orchestrated from the beginning was used as an idol; at least not for me; thus, “I am full of pent-up words, and the spirit within me urges me on.” I do believe that all one needs is the Word of God, and He will lead you to understand what He wants you to understand and when He wants you to understand it. However, I also believe that God gave us people in our life to help those of us who don’t grasp His Word so easily to help us to know how to become disciplined in studying and memorizing His Word. I understand that time on the computer can take away from what God desires of us; I understand that the computer can become an idolà blogs, FB, emailing, whatever form we use. I just have to say that it was not my idol, and I am forever grateful that I have a group of women online with whom I can share Jesus Christ in this season of my life. Each woman has to define her time in anything other than the Bible. Even too many studies can take the place of being with God in an intimate setting. As Lori stated, it was good just to sit and read His Word and not rush to the computer to share. In order to spend time with Him alone and then to be able to serve him in our home, our neighborhood, our church, our community, perhaps we have to revamp our habits. Oh dear Lord, let us be discerning in when and how we spend time alone with You so that we can be better equipped to share You with others. I am thankful for my six sisters in Christ who have individually and collectively made a difference in my life; I am forever grateful for them. Even though we are facing changes within our group, may we know that our online relationship has helped to keep us grounded. Our roots have been enriched, and God has to be pleased. His timing is never wrong, always right, so I am trusting that I will just let go and cherish what once was and look forward to what is in the future for the Jesus girls. He will be glorified in what we do for Him. I cherish the fact that I belong to a group of praying women who encourage me daily. I can go on and on, but I suppose that what I am trying to say in a round about way is this: don’t forget that godly women need godly counsel from other godly women just as much as the person we see every day. God has been good to us, girls, and He will honor and bless each of us for the time we shared together as seven, and for the commitments we made to Him. He will do great things for Him and His Kingdom because of the original group; it has been a season of our lives that we cherish. I pray that as the group we have, we will continue to grow in Him daily heart-to-heart until we meet Him face-to-face.
May this post be received in His Love,
No longer pent-up,
Mema Jeanne


3 thoughts on ““For I am full of pent-up words…” Jan. 28–Mema Jeanne

  1. Mema, You are full of wisdom. Thank you for sharing your heart. My reading today is the last chapters of Genesis. On Gen 50:4a And when the days of weeping for him were past…God understands that when we lose someone even though it is in conformance to His will, we will undergo a period of mourning and, weeping. But He expects us to move on because otherwise we won’t be able to do what He wants us to do. How, long that period is, that’s between the individual and God. I praise Him for His grace.

  2. Mema,Those “pent-up” words are brimming with love and wisdom. You are speaking from your heart and that is why I just love you. Thank you for your transparency and honesty. May each of us wake this morning to the rays of sunshine that peak out from behind every cloud.

  3. I’m just reading this on Monday morning; my email notices show up a day late….but I’m still glad to be reading it. Thank you for your wisdom Jeanne….you are full of wisdom. I appreciate your thoughts and truths. God is good. His truth is real. Sharing our Jesus hearts can never be wrong….whether we are to share on line, face to face, or quietly with our Lord and Savior, it is always right. We must allow God to direct our paths, and whatever He says goes. Bless my sisters in Christ!Morgen

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