January 30, 2012 – A Different Plan

Even though Moses grew up in the palace with  access to the best of Egypt Acts 7:22, he identified more with the Israelites than Pharaoh’s people. (Hebrews 11:24-28)  By all means he was comfortable in the palace but he knew God had another plan for him. God preserved him as a baby for a reason, not to be Egypt’s king but something far lasting. It was something bigger – the deliverance of the entire nation of Israel from bondage.  


Moses knew this in his heart and he saw the oppression of his people. He wanted to help and he took matters in his own hands. It was a good and noble deed but he ended up killing an Egyptian in the process. The Israelites did not recognize him as their deliverer. Why is that? It was too soon. It wasn’t God’s time. Moses ran away and found himself in the land of Midian. It is interesting that in Exodus 2:19, the Midianites referred to him as an Egyptian. No wonder the Israelites didn’t take him seriously. He looked more like their taskmaster than one of them! In order to do his mission, God had to get Egypt out of Moses. By the time God was done with him, Moses, once powerful in speech and action, was humbled. It took 40 years (Acts 7:30) but Moses was finally ready.


What is God asking you to do that is way out of your comfort zone? What is He taking away from you to conform you to His image and align your will with His? 


My heart is a tad tender this week.  A very dear friend is being called by God – just like Moses – to leave the familiar and the comfortable. Unfortunately for me, I happen to fall in the “familiar and comfortable” category. She has been a part of my life daily for two years and I will miss her tremendously. But we all know God has something else in mind for her. What it is, we do not yet know only that so far it involves saying goodbyes and lots and lots and lots of tears. Her heart is drawn to the people in her home and community who do not yet know Jesus. My guess? He is going to use her to deliver His children out of their place of bondage, their Egypt. I can say that because my friend knows the One who can set them free. (Yep, God and my friend? They’re that close.) Hers may not be the size of Moses’ Exodus (or maybe it will be, with God we never know!) but somewhere, somehow, someone is going to be delivered and God will be glorified. 


I don’t know if you will see this, but this is for you, dear friend. Thank you for everything. Thank you for being in my life even for just a season. I have grown so much in my walk with Christ because of you. I will miss you but I am excited and thrilled see what you and God will do together. Much love, G&P.






2 thoughts on “January 30, 2012 – A Different Plan

  1. Wow T….what a beautiful video! Yes, for such a time as this. We hang on to the blessings. That’s what we take with us!”God had to get Egypt out of Moses”….your phrase sticks with me….what “Egypt” do I need removed from me? I think that will be my thought for today. My reading schedule follows yours. I’m glad, cuz your words were perfect for me to read about Moses. God doesn’t remove our “Egypts” overnight either, as is exampled by Moses’ life. Our time is in God’s hands, and He is the perfector of our faith. He will make us righteous; sanctifying us as we allow Him to. Trust and faith. That is my goal. Abiding. Trusting. Having faith always. May it be so.Morgen

  2. Note to self – do not open video’s at work. The good news is that because of the type of work that I do, crying can be an option. T, this is beautifully written and so true, thank you for being a person with the heart of Christ.Hugs,Mary Ann

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