Sunday, Jan. 29, 2012–“Glorify His mighty works”–Mema J

    Sunday, Jan. 29, 2012–”..Instead, glorify His mighty works, …” Mema Jeanne

  I couldn’t let today pass without responding to our reading in Job 35-37.
Job 35:3b…”What’s the use of living a righteous?” Just as Elihu is asking this question of Job so we should ask ourselves this same question. The one answer I came up with is, “Eternity”!!!!!! So, should we even try to live a righteous life and put Jesus Christ first and serve Him and further His Kingdom while here on earth? I say, yes; what do you say?

  Job 37:7- I do bulletin boards at my church, and last year, I used types of work being done in the snow and rain with the caption: “ Then everyone stops working so they can watch His Power.” What do we do when we stop our “work” for the day, or for the hour, or for a few minutes? Do we spend time thinking on Him? Do we use that few minutes for prayers of thanksgiving and praise? Do we have a Bible that we carry with us on the job? Do we take a break from reading favorite children’s book to share Jesus with that child? Do we get up early-before anyone else does-do spend time with God-just you and Him? We know His power through His works and His Word. What a mighty God we serve!!

  Job 37:14–”Pay attention to this, Job (Jeanne). Stop and consider the wonderful miracles of God!” This verse makes me think of Ann Voskamp’s, one thousand gifts. Do we consider even the “ dew that falls on the meadow” a wonderful miracle?

  Job 37: 22-24–Can we only imagine??? “He is clothed in dazzling splendor.” That’s what I’m talking about!!!!!
His Word is precious to us all, and I just wanted to share in a “shout out” to God!!!

  Count the miracles He’s performed in your life this Sabbath and sleep tight,
Mema Jeanne


One thought on “Sunday, Jan. 29, 2012–“Glorify His mighty works”–Mema J

  1. Mema, Blessed are your words on this Sabbath. May we all bask in the Lord’s miracles that He provides to us daily, it is so easy in times of struggles to forget.Have a glorious day,Mary Ann

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