February 6, 2012 – Oh snap!

My reading today consists of laws about protection of property, social responsibility and the like. It’s a lot of topic to cover. Too many in fact that it was hard to choose a verse. Until I came upon this ~ 


Do not spread false reports. Do not help a guilty person by being a malicious witness.

Exodus 23:1


While the context is in a court of law for the Israelites, it is also applicable to us in our daily walk. Simply stated, we are not to gossip and slander other people. That led me to thinking about how we use our mouths. It’s a small part of the body but it wields a lot of power (James 3:5-6). How do we use that power? Do we use our mouths as a vessel of honor or dishonor?


The other night as we were coming home from dinner (yay, no cooking!), we were startled by a loud noise. Seemingly out of nowhere I heard, “Oh c**p! What the h**l was that?!?” (Cursing – vessel of dishonor) Imagine my surprise when I realized I said that! Then imagine my mortification when I realized my son heard me. He exclaimed, “Mom! That just hurt my heart to hear you say those words!” (Admonition – vessel of honor)Ah, out of the mouths of tweens… 


This incident was especially convicting since I always tell my sons to be mindful of what they say. (Strike 1) Then my mind went to earlier in the day when I vented about someone to another person. (Strike 2!) Was it warranted?  In the eyes of the world, I had every right to complain, yes. I must admit it felt good, too, because I felt vindicated. 




I am not of this world, am I? (John 17:14-16)  God set me apart to be His witness to my circle of influence. Makes me wonder, do the things I say make me a malicious witness for Christ? 


Luke 6:45, “The good man brings good things out of the good stored up in his heart, and the evil man brings evil things out of the evil stored up in his heart. For out of the overflow of his heart his mouth speaks.”  Ouch. Someone is definitely not getting the Mother of the Year award.


A year ago a group of us decided to do a challenge. For one month we are only going to say words that are true, kind and necessary. That TKN challenge was hard! It may be time to do it again. Plus, in light of the heightening tension between Iran and Israel and what bible prophecy says about that (Ezekiel 38) – add “share the gospel with someone” to the equation. Time is running out and nations and events are lining up for the fulfillment of bible prophecy. The return of Jesus Christ for His church is imminent (John 14:3Rev 22:7). What better way to use our mouths than to add more people to God’s Kingdom?


10 thoughts on “February 6, 2012 – Oh snap!

  1. Hey! I’d be up for that challenge of speaking only True/Kind/Necessary words. I wish for myself that it just came naturally and that I wouldn’t have to challenge myself to do what’s right. That is what I noticed in the reading today….I read the same verses as you….Exodus 22-24. What came to mind for me is that if sin had never entered the world, we wouldn’t have to have all of these exhausting and impossible rules. But….sin entered and along with it so did selfishness, pride and all sorts of un redeeeming qualities. So began the “thou shalt not’s”…..oh thank You Jesus for taking away my sin. I don’t think I would have done so well being an Old Testament believer!Happy Monday to all….Morgen

  2. I am up for the challenge! I am also going to present this challenge to my kids! Thanks, G&P! Hope everyone is having a blessed Monday! Love and hugs, BethanySent from my iPhone

  3. It's on! I already stumbled on Day 1. Good thing February is a short month. 🙂   I put on my "With God all things are possible" bracelet as a reminder. 

  4. Is it TRUE? Is it KIND? Is it NECESSARY?….If not….don’t let it slide thru your lips! Lord, please help me with this challenge. I so desire to honor You in thought, word, and deed. amen.Morgen

  5. Yes Morgen and to remember that whatever we say must have all three components. Things can be true but is it necessary to share and would it be kind? Most of the time, no. Praying for discernment and lots and lots of self-control.

  6. What a reminder! God has been convicting me too about my words, specifically about building up my husband with them and not tearing him down. I have a closer friend that her new year’s resolution was to not speak anything negative about her husband. Girls, it is changing her marriage! She emailed me yesterday and God is doing amazing things in that house! I love it! She is praying more and talking less, she is praying for God to change her instead of God change him and in the process God is changing him and he is stepping up to be a true light in our community and the godly husband my friend has been praying for. It is an answer to prayer and a testimony to what can happen when we speak those TKN words! Count me in! Brandee

  7. BTW, Lysa T did a blog post about praying for our husbands yesterday. It’s a great one if you get a chance to read it. Talks about what I just said and asking ourselves do we really pray for our husbands or just vent to God about them? She said if we see things that really do need to change then we need to find scriptures to pray over them. Other things are more just venting to God, not praying. Ouch! ~B

  8. Brandee,I read Lysa's post and was very convicted about the whole thing, too. I like what your friend is doing. Not only is it improving her marriage but it brings her closer to God. 

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