Thursday Feb 9th…….the idol…..the interceding….

Moses is up on the mountain for 40 days.  God is instructing him on all the details for the tabernacle, the priest’s clothing, the ceremonies, the incense, and writing with His own Hand the 10 Commandments for His people.  He is a God of detail!  This detail takes time….too much time for the impatient Isrealites.  They insist that Aaron create for them a golden calf to worship.  You know, the one where Aaron simply threw the gold into the fire and out came the calf!  (Thou shalt not lie).  The Isrealites give credit to false gods for bringing them out of Egypt.  They were so excited!  They feasted and celebrated and offered sacrifices to this calf.  What were they thinking?  Had they not been led thru the Red Sea on dry ground?  Had they not had their fill of manna and quail day after day?  Didn’t water appear when they thirsted?  What happened to their belief in the true God of Isreal?

Before I judge the Isrealites too harshly, I need to take a look at myself.  I may not mold an idol out of gold;  but am I ever guilty of trying to mold God into my image?  Do I make Him fit my expectations or circumstances?  Doesn’t this mean that I end up worshipping myself instead of my true God?  What idol do I need to destroy in order to worship the awesome God Who delivered me from my bondage to sin?

Moses steps in and intercedes for the people.  Did God change His mind in the same way that I change my mind with my children?  I think God remained consistent with His nature.  When God first wanted to destroy the Isrealites, He was acting according to His justice.  Moses interceded, and then God acted according to His mercy.  I’m thankful for Moses interceding for his people;  and I’m especially thankful for Jesus…the Great Interceder for all.


Thursday challenge:  These examples of interceding are acts of mercy.  Find an opportunity to intercede for someone today. 



3 thoughts on “Thursday Feb 9th…….the idol…..the interceding….

  1. “Does it mean I am worshipping myself instead of God?” Wow, this line actually brought tears to my eyes. How often have I succumbed to “worldly” desires, satisfied what I wanted vs. what God wanted? I truly am no better than the Israelites, you are so right, I may not be building gold calves to worship but I have created my own idols that are just as disrespectful to God. When idols are put in this context the view of them becomes what it should be, ugly and distorted.I must admit that today’s reading “seemed” tedious until I realized that the Tabernacle was designed by God and what He was portraying was a copy and a shadow of what is in heaven. Hebrews 8:5 states, “These serve as a copy and shadow of the heavenly things, as Moses was warned when he was about to complete the tabernacle. For God said, Be careful that you make everything according to the pattern that was shown to you on the mountain.” So the fact that this earthly Tabernacle was a reflection of the reality of heaven pales my very thought process…how dare I think that any part of His Word is tedious! Lots and lots to ponder today.Have a great day sisters,Mary Ann

  2. Morgen,I noticed Aaron's "innocence" as well – "it just came out like that." God gave them favor with the Egyptians before they left and they were blessed with gold. In their impatience (warning!) they used these blessings and turned them into the golden calf. We have to be careful what we do with the gifts God gives us. In my daily devotion today it touched on that topic: In opposition to the false teachers, Paul affirmed that everything God created is good. We should ask for God's blessing on his created gifts that give us pleasure and thank him for them. This doesn't mean that we should abuse what God has made (for example, gluttony abuses God's gift of good food, lust abuses God's gift of love, and murder abuses God's gift of life). Instead of abusing, we should enjoy these gifts by using them to serve and honor God. Have you thanked God for the good gifts he has given? Are you using the gifts in ways pleasing to you and to God? 1 Tim  4:4-5 I also noticed that in His displeasure over what the Israelites have done God told Moses in Exodus 32:7 "Go down for your people, whom you brought up out of the land of Egypt…" This is GOD talking to Moses. I had to smile because before that He referred to them as His people. It reminds me of when a child does something wrong and one of the parent will say to the other: "YOUR son did such and such."  Yeah, we really act like children sometimes, don't we?

  3. Thanks, Morgen. Idols can so easily be created. It seems a constant battle to keep your mind and heart pure before the Lord. Satan tries to make everything seem so innocent yet he just sits back and waits to pounce. May we always live and learn as we offer ourselves each morning to Him. He is there and may we step out of bed each morning in faith as we offer all that we have to Him! Have a blessed evening! Love and hugs, Bethany

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