February 10, 2012 -The Sabbath

Exodus 31:13, Tell the people of Israel: Be careful to keep my Sabbath, for the Sabbath is a sign of the covenant between me and you from generation to generation. It is given so you may know that I am the Lord who make you holy. Sabbath…it seems out of date and old fashioned to be honest. This word never really meant much til I began reading God’s word daily. He intentionally tells us to rest. He gives it to us so we may know that He is our Lord. We get bogged down in the every day functions of life and He knew we would need a day to rest. A day where we are totally dedicated to Him. I never realized that He uses the Sabbath as a permanent sign of His covenant. Exodus 31:17. It is a permanent sign of my covenant with the people of Israel. For in six days the Lord made heaven and earth, but on the seventh day he stopped working and was refreshed. The Lord was refreshed. How many of us need to be refreshed and a day to know that He is the Lord and He makes us holy. Thank You, heavenly Father for Your permanent sign of Your covenant. Help us to see You each Sabbath. To rest in You and be refreshed for all You have planned for us. Life is busy and may You open the eyes of our heart so we may know You more. Give us the desire to slow down and to hear Your still small voice. We love You, Father, and thank You for each day! Guide us and protect us as we begin another weekend! In Jesus Name, amen! Let’s pay special attention this Sunday and remember the covenant of our Lord. His great promises and may we rest in Him! Have a blessed day! Hugs and love, Bethany
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7 thoughts on “February 10, 2012 -The Sabbath

  1. Happy Friday,I also zeroed in on the Sabbath, partly because I am so aware of how often I don’t abide by God’s request. The Sabbath is mentioned so frequently throughout God’s Word and therefore the importance of its intention. I love how you ask “how many of us need to be refreshed”, God in all His mercy realized the beauty of having one full day set aside to “rest”. May we honor Him by obeying His command.Thank you for this reminder and your prayer this morning. Mary Ann

  2. The Sabbath stood out to me too when I was reading those verses! I noticed that of all of the commandments the Lord had put on the stone tablets, He makes a point of really stressing the Sabbath…”be careful to keep my Sabbath day”….BE CAREFUL! We have gotten so blah-zay (sp) about this commandment, haven’t we? I like how God pointed out these verses to us!In my reading today these words jumped out at me…Exodus 35…God is asking people to bring items and to use their skills in building the sanctuary and furnish the tabernacle. He says many times….”all whose hearts were willing”…..”willingly brought”…..”who were willing”…..”who were eager to help”……”gave them freely to the Lord”…..many times, over and over I read these words. What is God telling me? To have a glad heart when I give. To give in love and charity. To be happy to offer my help. Boy, I just have to confess…my idol of comfort has taken me down a path that is far from where God wants me. Lord, help me to have a heart that willingly serves You. That is what You want and that is what I want. Amen.Blessings!Morgen

  3. Bethany,I so need this today! It has been a week of going to bed late at night (warranted – to finish stuff for taxes; and unwarranted – watching tv) and getting up really early. I'm looking forward to the weekend to recuperate from this craziness and hope to do better next week. Morgen,I marked those phrases too "whose hearts were willing." We are led by what's in our hearts so we need to be careful what we put in it.In my reading I love the attributes of God. From my ESV  Ex. 34:6–7 The Lord’s proclamation of his name and the declaration of his character becomes a central confessional passage for the OT (e.g., seeNeh. 9:17, 31; Ps. 86:15; 103:8; Jonah 4:2; Joel 2:13). This confession describes the Lord’s gracious character in preserving Israel as a whole for the sake of God’s overall purpose and in sparing those individuals who look to him in true faith (e.g., see note on Ps. 32:1–5). Also yesterday was the 40th day of the year. Think back to January 1st up to yesterday. That's how long Moses was up in the mountain with God. I can see how the Israelites started to get impatient because they don't know what has happened to Moses up there. On the flip side, I can only imagine what it's like to be up on a secluded place and spend 40 days of uninterrupted time with God. It's not easy to do that in our day and age. Oh to be able to have that time away and then come back like Moses with faces glowing. Have a blessed weekend everyone!

  4. Hey girls! What I can’t seen to stop thinking about today from the reading is just how MESSY the sacrifices were. I have read this before and knew they were killing the animals but I guess I just didn’t put it together as much as I did today. It was messy business! Think about us and how we come to God- we are a mess. We come, bringing ourselves, which God tells us to present ourselves as living sacrifices in Romans 12:1 and we come messy. Stained with sin. Just as He accepted their sacrifices and it was a pleasing aroma to Him, He also accepts ours when we come with a sincere heart, no matter how messy our life might be.Have a blessed weekend sissies! We are celebrating Will’s birthday at the movies tomorrow and I think his whole class is coming. It’s going to cost us a fortune but the kids are SOOO excited it will be worth it 🙂 Love, Brandee

  5. Brandee,I think I speed read through the sacrifice portion because I don't like the blood either. They have to do that yearly. Can you imagine living around that time and being squeamish? Let's not even think about the smell. Have a great day at the movies with Will and his classmates. Sounds like a field trip! I know they will all have a blast. 🙂

  6. ok, I’m back a reading the extra posts….great stuff! T- I thought about Moses and the 40 days….and I thought the 21 days of the Daniel Fast was tough….just think of Moses not eating or drinking a thing for 40 days! Whew..wee!Brandee…we ARE a mess when we come to Jesus….but if we come with sacrificial hearts, we are pleasing to Him. Great thoughts!Morgen…

  7. I just had to stop back and say how wonderful all of your thoughts were today. Wow, the perspective of the mess we are in when we come to Jesus as well as the fasting of Moses. Wow, there is just so much in His Word when we look for it and ask the Spirit to direct us.Have a glorious weekend,MA

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