Thursday, Feb 16….There’s Love Behind Them Rules!

My reading today is from Leviticus 11-13.  I am focusing on Chapter 12….the one that deals with purification after childbirth.  Upon reading these verses in the past, my small human brain took  offense with it.  Why is a woman unclean after childbirth?  And why does it seem like having a girl baby is worse than having a boy baby?   Thank goodness for people smarter than me who write good commentaries, and who I believe get insights from the Holy Spirit!  

The comments at the bottom of my Life Application Bible said  that God is showing His love and kindness with these instructions.  The verses state that a woman, after giving birth, must stay away from the sanctuary while she finishes bleeding.  And she is to stay away twice as long if she has a girl baby.  What a gift!  my reading helped me to realize that God was desiring that the new mother spend precious quiet and relaxed time with her new baby.  Bonding time.  Time to kiss and cuddle.  All new mothers need to do this…it is a precious time and an important opportunity.

The reading also states that the boy baby was to be circumsized on the 8th day….not only because 8 is the number of new beginnings, but it is the first day when our blood coagulates.  Isn’t God marvelous in His details? He truly does know what’s best for us.   Jon Courson states that circumcision speaks of dealing with the flesh.  Sin is to be dealt with as early as possible.  He reminds us in his commentary, that we are born sinners…that is why we sin.  When a baby is born….as marvelous as that is…. the truth is that another sinner has been born into the world.  Do we have to teach our children how to sin?  Oh, of course we all have shown them plenty of our sin over time;  but what infant and toddler doesn’t know how to throw a tantrum when they don’t get their way?  Or slap a face, or grab a toy that isn’t theirs?  Sin is just lurking below the surface of every person, no matter how young or old we are.  

What do I get out of reading these verses this go around?  To trust God.  To obey God.  To know that He knows why He asks me to do certain things, and that should be enough for me.  Once again, He is God and i am not.


Thursday challenge:  If you spot a child sinning today;  stop and pray  that they would know Jesus as their Savior and that they would learn repentance of sin.




One thought on “Thursday, Feb 16….There’s Love Behind Them Rules!

  1. Amen, Morgen!It IS hard to get nuggets from Leviticus but God gives us one or two each day for whatever we need. Just like the manna. Mine was "For I am the LORD your God. Consecrate yourselves therefore, and be holy, for I am holy.(Leviticus 11:44a ESV)"    From my ESV study bible: For I am the Lord This self-identification is used here for the first time in the book; it occurs frequently from ch. 18 on. for I am holy. Cf. 19:2; 20:26; 21:8. The Lord, who is himself holy, calls his people to consecrate themselves, i.e., dedicate themselves to holiness (Hb. hitqaddesh), and to be holy, i.e., practice a holy lifestyle. Cf. 20:7–8. Again a  call to be set apart and be unto the Lord's business. Lord, we come together to pray for the children. There are so many things pulling them away from you – things of this world, flashy, attractive things, beautiful – but empty. Help them distinguish between what is true and what is not. Give them discernment and give them a way out when tempted to sin. Let them realize they are accepted and loved beyond measure. You are the only one who can fill them up. In Jesus' name we pray. Amen.

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