Knowing Guilt Too Well

Knowing Guilt Too Well!!! For 2/18/12 Mema Jeanne

  GUILT– a feeling of responsibility or remorse for some offense, crime violation, or wrong (sin).

  I know this definition too well!!! I felt it all day yesterday as I put other things first before spending time with God and writing this post. Yes, I had unexpected things to come up in the morning; I was exhausted Friday after watching grandchildren until 6:30 p.m. 😉 ; I knew that I had a birthday party for my great niece who turned 2; I didn’t know that Nicholas would be coming home with us after the party for a while; I didn’t know that once again, I would think and search notes from 2 years of reading Leviticus 7, and search my heart and the computer for something to ignite a spark to write something that would glorify God. He gave me that something when I couldn’t go to sleep last night. [ Jeanne, you have experienced guilt just as the Israelites did, and now you know how they must have felt when they let God down; you can’t sacrifice animals by burning them up so that I will smell the sweet aroma because I sent my son, Jesus to cover your guilt on that horrible, yet beautiful, Cross!!!! However, you do need to please me to the best of your ability at this time for my purpose—Glorify Me!!! I sent My Son for the purpose of taking away your guilt. So, Jeanne, write from your heart and leave this guilt at my feet!!!!]
Oh, I found lots of good stuff about the sacrifices–all five kinds–and what they meant and how they relate to us and our relationship with the Lord today, but I still felt guilty that I didn’t feel His Presence, so I couldn’t write!!!! When I rested in Him and told Him I was so sorry -again!!!, THEN I felt His Presence and His Peace. So, I thanked Him for the day He had given me , and I asked Him to forgive me, yet one more time, for placing Him second!!!! His timing is not mine; I couldn’t experience the guilt until I had sinned in not putting Him first. He is so good and patient with us! My sacrifice to Him is in feeling the guilt and then leaving it at His feet.

  Wendy Pope shared these words last year on 2/18/11: “ The Holy Spirit brings conviction which results in our guilt, our feeling of responsibility and remorse for our sin. We weren’t meant to carry the guilt. We should leave the guilt at the feet of Jesus when we confess and repent, allowing Him to restore and heal us. God asks us to sacrifice things that will make us holy, more like Him. Giving up our mental energy and emotion stability, our self-worth, and confidence for the sake of past sin is not a pleasing sacrifice to the Lord. When we hold onto the guilt of our sin, this is what we are doing. Clinging to our guilty stain makes a mockery of Jesus’ sacrifice on the Cross. He died so that we would be free and whole.”

  Thank You, Lord God, You brought the conviction; I repented; I praise You for allowing me to let go of the guilt of my sin. I never want to make a mockery of Jesus’ sacrifice on the Cross!!! I thank You for the feeling of freedom and wholeness that came at Your timing, not mine. What a lesson I have learned from You, my Heavenly Daddy. Will I remember what I learned from other people about the sacrificial offerings of the Israelites? Yes, I will, Lord, and I thank You for those people who have studied Your word so diligently and for so long!! But thank You, Father God, that I will cling to You instead of my guilt from the lesson YOU taught me!! I leave my guilt of not placing You first at Your precious feet!!! I pray this in the name of Jesus who died for my sins and the sins of everyone. Amen!!
Free from my guilt,
Mema Jeanne


2 thoughts on “Knowing Guilt Too Well

  1. Good post Jeanne! We all have had times of guilt; it is oppressive and tiring. It is there for a purpose – to examine our lives and the why of the guilt and then yes, to lay it at Jesus’ feet, once more filling with thankfulness for all He has done for us. We sure serve and amazingly loving and merciful God, don’t we?Happy Sabbath to all!Morgen

  2. Yes, AMEN! I like what you shared, Mema. God knew we would have those feelings of guilt, so He provided a way out. Our job is to accept His forgiveness – in faith. Easier said than done because our enemy is quick to remind us of our sins. Why do we so agree with him than with God? Thank you for a very heartfelt and equally thought provoking post. May we all live in victory today.>

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