Thursday Feb 23….”Stop Your Whining!”

Every parent knows the sound of whining.  That sound of complaining that grates on your nerves.  But you know, the real irritation is the underlying cause – disobedience and discontentment.  In today’s reading, (Numbers 1& 2), we find the Isrealites moving from Mt Sinai towards Canaan.  They are grumbling and complaining at every turn.  Because of this, they are about to add 40 years to their journey.  

God is  loving, but also just and fair.  You think the people  would have figured this out by now, don’t you?  (Don’t we?) And therein lies the truth about us.  By now, God has proven Himself trustworthy and true.  Why don’t we listen and obey?  Why do we continue to add “years” to our wilderness wandering?  Just like the Isrealites before us, we too have  moments and seasons of being discontent complainers.  

Numbers begins with preparation.  The Isrealites are numbered and ordered.  God is a God of order and precision.  Their greatest test will be to cross that river and possess the beautiful land God had promised to them.  The lesson is clear;  to trust Him we must move ahead by FAITH if we are to claim His promised land.  Faith and obedience without the complaining.  Trust and peacefulness without the discontent.  To acheive these we must abide in Him.  We must remain so close to Him that nothing can come between us.  We need to focus our eyes on our Savior and not on ourselves.  

The trials and temptations the Isrealites faced are the same ones we face today.  Are we willing to trust an all-knowing, all perfect God;  or are we going to trust in ourselves?  I personally am tired of the wandering;  of circling the mountain too many times to count.  It’s time to allow God to lead me and quit getting out ahead of Him, and it’s time to stop my whining!


Thursday challenge:  When I catch a complaint coming out of my mouth;  stop, confess and try again.






One thought on “Thursday Feb 23….”Stop Your Whining!”

  1. Morgen,I can relate. I'm so quick to judge the Israelites for their hardheadedness then I turn around and do the same thing. Yes, I have gone around the same mountain long enough that everything is starting to look familiar. There are days when I update my online journal and it shows me the entry from the prior month – it's basically the same thing. Oh that we would lay our wills and let God take over. I was reading Unger's Bible Dictionary last night and he said this:“The fourth book of the Pentateuch, continuing the redemptive history of Israel where Exodus leaves off. As Genesis is the book of origins, Exodus the book of redemption, and Leviticus the book of worship and fellowship, Numbers is the book of  the testing.”One commentator said: Yet, the book of Numbers is basically a book of failure; failure of the people to reach the goal God had set with them; failure to be what they ought to have been and failure to be where God wanted them to be. It is the book in which we read how a great nation that left Egypt as a triumphant army, is reduced to a bunch of roaming Bedouins, condemned to trek around in the desert for forty years until every single one of  them has died. The greatest failure was the failure to take seriously God’s revelation of Himself and God’s promises for them. The good thing is that even when we fail repeatedly, like they did, God was quick to give them chance after chance after chance. I love reading the psalms where it said "And the Lord heard their cry and delivered them out of all their distresses."  I also enjoyed reading the formation of each tribe as they travel. It shows that God is into details – why else would we have to read about the representative from each tribe and how many they are? I like that. Well, not so much the reading of it, but how God is not just a "big picture" kind of God but He is into the little things, too. Because we ARE little things. For what is man but a speck in the universe? Was it Jon Courson who said that the formation of the tribes was such that when they traveled, they form the cross? That's all their enemies would see from a distance. That gives me chills.  Unger also said this:The camp of God's people was divinely arranged and ordered, with the tabernacle in the center (showing that God's worship and service were to be central). In the NT every believer has his appointed place in the body (1 Cor 12) with Christ as the Head. May we always be mindful to take our appointed place in the body of believers.Have a great day everyone!

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