Check Marks for Obedience

Sat. morning- 2/25–Check Marks for Obedience

  Our four year old grandson has just been given a chore chart where he can check off  the chores he has completed. Of course, there is a reward for his obedience. I have been sharing Zep. 3:17 with him when he does something that is kind, generous, or just special. SO, yesterday His mom told me that he knew that Jesus was rejoicing over his doing his chores and that he did them because Jesus is in his heart. (from the mouth of babes)
I share this story to tell you that once again, I struggled with what I would write for today –until 1:00 a.m. this morning!! Oh me of little faith!!!   I looked at and printed off commentaries; there were 3 verses that really spoke to me, but the “meat” of them is somewhat thick for a Jesus girl who’s  just learning.;) I want my posts to be what the Lord is saying to me, just me, with His guidance. I ask myself what would I get from this reading without any help but His. THEN as He would have it, He gave me the Reward System for my Nicholas to use. I just love Him because He is so faithful to me!!!!!!
As my little Nicholas would say, “Jesus is rejoicing because I am doing my chores.” I am doing my chores: I am being blessed for my obedience, and how am I being blessed? Well, according to Leviticus 26 [ one of the most important chapters of the OT; I learned this from all the smart people’s commentaries last night ], “if I do my chores for Him because He is in my heart “and obey His commands, with what will He will reward me:
Sending rain in its season ( nor worry about the weather; He is the Creator of it)
Bring for harvests for me ( He’s Been Faithful to Me)
Eat all the food I want and not know hunger (Thank You, Lord, for Weight Watchers!)
Can live safely in my land ( He is our protection even in all the turmoil of the world)
I will have peace (for this blessing I get a big check for I know His peace and grace)
Removal of predators and savage beasts (safety in His arms)
Victory over my enemies ( may I have what they wantà Jesus)
Favor in His eyes ( do I thank Him adequately for all that He has given me)
Fruitfulness and numbers increase ( those precious little grandchildren of ours)
Promise of His covenant with me (everlasting life)
My needs will be met (needs not wants)
His walking among my family (even though some do not have a relationship with Him)
No hatred from the God Who created me (even when I disappoint Him)
He will be my God ( not shopping, not sleeping, not eating, not gossiping, etc. )
I am His child ( all I can say is, “Hallelujah!!! )
No chains and bondage for me ( He releases those chains daily)
Walking with my head held high (He has forgiven me for a shameful past)
My chart is full of rewards WHEN I am obedient. Do you have a chart for your chores (obedience to God)?? Our rewards are too marvelous to behold!!!

  Thank You, dear Lord, for a grandson who doesn’t even realize that You taught his mema a lesson through his Chore Chart. As Nicholas grows and matures, please allow Him to know of these rewards in Your Word, these promises for his obedience to You. Let me leave a legacy of love for a Savior to my children and my grandchildren. May they truly know that You are the most important person in my life. May they know that I want them to live for You more than I want anything for them. Thank You, Lord, that you will give me an opportunity to once again share that You are rejoicing in heaven and that You are singing over Mema for the lesson she has learned from him, not from the smartest people on Internet 😉 Oh, Father God, thank You that a little child led me straight to Your heart this morning. In the name of Jesus, I praise You!! Amen!!!
Checking off my chores,
Mema Jeanne


One thought on “Check Marks for Obedience

  1. Boy Mema…your words were amazing and powerful and so full of God’s love. You seeing Jesus thru Nicholas is exactly what I hope for each day…to see Jesus in the little, everyday, special moments. God whispers to us, and many times it’s thru those little moments that, if we aren’t alert we totally can miss. What a loving, personal God we serve. He is full of rewards for His children. Thank You Lord for teaching us obedience. Amen.

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