Thursday March 1st…..Caleb

Numbers 14-15; and Psalm 90 is my reading for today.  I decided to post on Caleb.  He doesn’t get enough recognition.  He was quite the guy.  What were some of Caleb’s strengths?  He was brave in voicing his opinion, even when it went against the majority.  He was faithful to believe in God’s promises.  Caleb stood for the truth, even if it meant standing alone.  Caleb knew His God.  His courage and faith were effective because he combined his words with actions.

And his reward for his faithfulness?  Caleb was one of only two adults who left Egypt and entered the Promised Land.  Is my faithfulness going to proceed me into the promised land?  I need to only look to Caleb as a great example of courage and faith.  God emboldened him,  He will surely do the same for me if I but only step out in faith.

Numbers 14:24 “But my servant Caleb (Morgen?) has a different attitude than the others have.  He (she) has remained loyal to Me, so I will bring him (her) into the land he (she) explored.  His (her) descendants will possess their full share of that land”.  

Oh that it may be said of me as it was said of Caleb.


Onto Psalm 90:  Moses was the author of this Psalm, making it the oldest of the Psalms.  This was a prayer of Moses to His God.  Moses points out God’s greatness and man’s limits.  He shows complete reliance on God and knows He is unrestricted by time, He is eternal, and He is all knowing.  Moses is so open and honest with God.  He shows me how to go to God with an open and submitted heart. Oh, to have a heart like Moses.

Today’s reading was a gift;  a gift of two amazing examples for me to strive to be like.  May God make me bold and may He make me completely honest with Him. 






One thought on “Thursday March 1st…..Caleb

  1. An old bible teacher said that Caleb means "dog." He is persistent, isn't he? And he wouldn't let go of God's promise. He believed it even when the other spies were not so sure. I admire his determination. Later on in Joshua 14, he will even go to battle – at 80+ years old!  I was surprised to find Psalm 90 today, too but loved that as well especially this "from everlasting to everlasting you are God."(Psalm 90:2b ESV) He has no beginning and no end. Blessed be! My treasure is from Numbers 14:11, God asked about the people of Israel: "…how long will they not believe in me, in spite of all the signs that I have done among them?" That convicted me because the past few days God has been showing me devotion after devotion about my particular challenge. Everywhere I go I'll find an encouragement – from an email, from a verse, from a blog. It's as if He is sending answers through people. Yet I was choosing to wallow in my misery – choosing to believe the enemy instead of God. So I wrote down a prayer of repentance next to that verse. I'm choosing to believe God today and stand in faith.

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