Thursday March 8th….Just Do It!

The Midianites were a nomadic people who descended from Abraham and his second wife, Keturah.  Large groups of Midianites roamed many miles in search of grazing area for their flocks.  Moses’ wife and his father in law were Midianites.  Despite this alliance, the two groups of people were bitter enemies.

God instructed the Isrealites to take revenge on the Midianites for leading them into idolatry. (Numbers 31:2).  Moses sent his troops into battle and they killed all of the Midianite men.  But….they captured the women, children, animals and wealth, and brought them back as plunder.  Moses was not happy to see all of the Midianite women still alive because they were the ones who enticed Isreal into Baal worship.  God commanded Israel to destroy them, but they were too enticing to kill.  When we discover sin in our lives, we must deal with it completely.  Because of their indifference to sin after they had entered the Promised Land, the Isrealites were eventually ruined.  We cannot take sin lightly.  It needs to be dealt with promptly and completely.  What sin is in my life that I am allowing to stay?  What am I making an excuse for, or choosing to overlook because it feels good or seems easier to keep the status quo?  

We struggle today, just as the Isrealites did in centuries past to end our sinful ways.  I am so thankful that God is a merciful and forgiving God, slow to anger and quick to love me.  But….how much further could my relationship with God go if I was to obey Him completely and fully?  Lord, help me to desire to rid my life of sin.  Amen.




One thought on “Thursday March 8th….Just Do It!

  1. Morgen,I found your post. Just as I suspected, it posted in your "Morgen123 space. I just copied and pasted over here. When you log in to post next time, use the HGP login email instead of your own. That might solve the problem for next week. (I hope!) My  nugget from this reading is Numbers 32:12 with the phrase "for they have wholly followed the Lord." Nor partial, not half way, not even 98% but wholly. I tend to do that sometimes, go the distance then just stop short of the completion. What have I missed because of my stubbornness?  Also when when Reuben and Gad wanted to settle outside of the Promised Land can't you just hear the horror in Moses' voice in Numbers 22:13-15? Can you blame him, though? 1. He did not want to kindle the Lord's anger and be punished. Again. and 2. I bet he was not looking forward to another 40 years of wandering in the wilderness with these grumbling, complaining, stiff-necked people. 

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