March 9th, 2012 But God….

With my eyes being wide open to the words that we speak, this weeks’s reading screamed of complaints and praises, of justification and thanksgiving. I got behind in my daily Bible reading because the Lord has been leading me elsewhere, here and there…I am desperate to know what a relationship is with the Almighty! He continues to humble me as I pray for the sin to be rooted out of my heart. So, as I read a few days at a time to catch up, the word BUT kept jumping of the page to me. It happened so frequently that I went back and circled how many times BUT was used. I stopped counting after 20 in just 2 days of reading and realized that God was trying to say something to me. So, I pondered and prayed…

But God what do you want me to “hear?” What do you want me to learn? What do you want me to see? Numbers 13:27-28; This was the report to Moses: We entered the land you sent us to explore and it is indeed a bountiful country – a land flowing with milk and honey. Here is the kind of fruit it produces. BUT the people living there are powerful and their towns are large and fortified. Here the scouts are reporting back to Moses exactly what God had promised them BUT…there was just one “giant” problem…how often do I see or believe in who God is BUT I choose to walk by sight instead. I believe God is who He says He is when it comes to everyone else and He acting on their behalf but how much do I walk in faith when He wants to act on my behalf? Ouch! Numbers 14:9; They have no protection BUT the Lord is with us! Don’t be afraid of them. Again we “see” the obvious BUT GOD…He hears our complaints as we whine BUUUUUT GOOODDDD….and the whole time we fail to see yes, BUT GOD is there. He never leaves us nor forsakes us. BUT GOD has been with us since He created us before the beginning of time! But is defined as on the contrary, yet, except, save, unless, otherwise…..

What I learned this week is that I can use BUT GOD to complain, justify or rationalize my reasons for disobedience and give Him every excuse in the book just like my children say BUT MOOOOM. OR I can approach each day with all that I have to do and have to face with praise and thanksgiving on my tongue and in my heart because the only answer worth giving is BUT GOD! Praise the Lord…..God is there, He is in control, He is with me every step of my day, every thought and every breath that I take. So the challenge for the day is to praise each situation with BUT GOD…He is there, BUT GOD…He can move mountains…BUT GOD is who He says He is and He can do what He says He can do. BUT GOD..we are who You say we are and we can do what You say we can do. Thank You, God, for sending us Your Son, Your word made flesh to be active and alive in us, to transform us and empower us. Thank Your for Your Spirit that lives within us and among us, for always giving us reasons to praise You and thank You because You are in our every situation. Give us Your spiritual eyes to see You in every situation as a response of BUT GOD! It opens our world up wider than we can imagine because all things are possible with You! In Jesus Name we pray, amen. Bethany
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4 thoughts on “March 9th, 2012 But God….

  1. Bethany,I'm hoping my But God's are more on the praise instead of the whiny side. Great post. Lots to ponder.My nugget today came from the very dry reading in Numbers 33 which is basically a detail of Israel's journey from one place to the next. But the comment on my ESV Study Bible opened it up for me:

  2. {And somehow I keep forgetting that Posterous does not like "quotes" so it cut my comment again. Here's the complete one so it makes sense.}Bethany,I'm hoping my But God's are more on the praise instead of the whiny side. Great post. Lots to ponder. My nugget today came from the very dry reading in Numbers 33 which is basically a detail of Israel's journey from one place to the next. But the comment on my ESV Study Bible opened it up for me: It therefore serves as Moses’ testimony of what God has done for Israel during his lifetime. By mentioning Aaron’s death in vv. 38–39, Moses indirectly reminds the people that he too will die soon because of his disobedience (see 20:10–13). But this is not to suggest that God has failed his people; rather, this list of places where Israel triumphed over her enemies, was fed and watered, received the law, and was preserved for 40 years in the wilderness is proof that the Lord can bring Israel into Canaan—provided that they do not imitate the unbelief of their forefathers. The list therefore concludes with an urgent plea to make sure that all pagan worship is eliminated from Canaan when they enter it (33:50–56).   Moses is going to die soon and he knows it. But before he leaves he wanted to give the people something to remember how God triumphed over their enemies, how they were fed and given the provision and preserved during their journey. To us it may just be a boring list of places we've never heard of, but to them these were places of triumph.

  3. I am so glad that you posted your post Bethany. I have had the same exact thought at times….each time I saw the word “But” in the Bible, it was used in a very specific manner…sometimes in a complaining way; but at other times as a praise acclamation! I like it used as a praise so much better. May my life reflect this….as a positive exclamation to God!Morgen

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