How does God get our attention?

Deuteronomy 4:32-40

As I read today’s reading I focused on the words forbidden, obey, idolatry and fear.  As I was “digging deeper” I came across a life’s lesson from Charles Stanley on Deuteronomy 4:32-40 that I would like to share.

“A whistle can get our attention quickly.  We use it to control unruly behavior, signal the start or finish of an event, or interrupt the action in a game.  Regardless of who blows it, a whistle tells us to stop and learn why it was blown.

What does God use to get our attention?  Sometimes He uses the  tool of a restless spirit, which might appear as some vague dissatisfaction with life.  Other times, God uses another person’s words to help us recognize that He is speaking to us.  Sometimes He uses the method of unusual blessing ( Romans 2:4).  In each case, we are to stop and ask, ‘Lord, are You trying to say something to me?’

God sometimes allows our prayers to remain unanswered in order to prompt us to sharpen our focus on Him.  Or He may say ‘no’ to our request in order to gain our attention.  He occasionally uses disappointments, difficulties, and failures for the same reason.  If we are wise, we will quickly seek Him out.  In tragedies, financial reversals, and physical affliction, God wants to see if we will turn to Him and ask, ‘God, are you speaking to me?’

What does it take for the Lord to get our attention?  Will a restless spirit cause us to seek godly counsel?  Do we listen when God sends someone to point out His way?  When blessings come, do we turn to God and ask how He would like us to use them?  Do we seek God when our prayers go unanswered?  How long does it take us to get past our emotions over disappointments, difficulties, and failures to listen to what our heavenly Father has to say?  In times of great financial crisis, tragedy, and sickness, do our eyes and minds lift heavenward to seek God’s love and wisdom?  God deserves our undivided attention – but we get preoccupied.  He waits to speak with us – but we keep looking at our circumstances.

Allow the events of your life – both the pleasant and the painful – to prompt you to turn to God and ask, ‘Lord, are You asking for my attention?’

Don’t allow yourself to miss what the Lord wants to tell you.  Begin now to train yourself to give Him your full attention.  Allow what happens in your day to draw you to Him.  He is waiting for you.”

As each of us go about our day today, I pray that we all take the time to stop and listen for what God is saying to each of us.


Mary Ann


2 thoughts on “How does God get our attention?

  1. Amen, MA…What got my attention was He wants our focus an attention ALL the time! Ouch, not just during the bad but also in the good times when things seem to be smooth sailing…if there is ever such a thing anymore!! Have a blessed day, sweet sissies! BethanySent from my iPhone

  2. Speaking right to me! Today, my spirit has been restless. I do not know why, but now I know that I need to turn my attention to my Father and ask Him, “are you trying to tell me something, Lord?”…..thanks MA.Morgen

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