Worship; Be Sensible!

Upon reading the last chapters of Deuteronomy for today, I noticed the different ways that all of the senses are engaged in worship.  In Moses’ day, they used their eyes to see the magnificence of the tabernacle.  Every color used in building it had meaning.  They used their ears to hear the musical instruments and songs.  With their hands they had to touch the animal that was to be sacrificed in their place.  And when the sacrifices were burned, the smell was a familiar and pleasing aroma.  And taste;  the Isrealites had a lot of festivites and celebrations that were centered around feasting.  

How do we use all of our senses today to worship our Lord and Savior?  Some of them are in the same way.  We get together with family at Easter and Christmas and celebrate with a big feast, allowing our tastebuds to burst at each bite of turkey or ham, potatoes and gravy and all of the decadent desserts!  Some of us smell incense in church;  or the flowers on the altar. Sometimes it’s as simple as the fresh smell of brewing coffee that is served after the church service.    These days we no longer have to touch the sacrificial animal, but we shake hands, we hug Sunday School children;  we touch the bread and the wine cup as we commune with Jesus.  Music is still a wonderful way to worship with our ears…songs of joy and thanksgiving;  beautiful melodies played on the piano and with instruments;  also with our ears God allows us to hear convicting scriptures and sermons from gifted pastors and readers.  And sight, oh what our eyes can behold when we just look up!  The beauty of creation;  the smile of a baby;  the love in our family’s eyes;  and the Word on the written pages of our Bibles. Oh so many ways to worship! 

I am so thankful that God allowed me to have full faculty of all of my senses.  Please Lord, help each one of us to not take any of them for granted.  Each sense is a gift from You, given to us to be used for Your glory and in worshipful praise to the One True God.  Amen




One thought on “Worship; Be Sensible!

  1. Amen. Morgen, I never noticed that before- how their worship involved all the 5 senses. May we worship him with all our being>>

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