Whose Decision Is It?–Mema Jeanne

Whose Decision Is It??-3/24/12- Mema Jeanne

  Joshua 9:14:
NIV- “The men of Israel sampled their provisions, but not inquire of the LORD.”
Inquireà to ask about; to search into; to see information by questioning
KJV- “And the men took of their victuals, and asked not counsel at the mouth of the LORD.”
Counselà act of exchanging opinions and ideas: consultation
Advice or guidance
NLT- “So the Israelites examined their food, but they did not consult the LORD.”
Consultà to ask the advice of or opinion of; to deliberate together

  So, how many times has Jeanne taken matters into her own hands, or used her reasoning without asking the Lord what she should do in a particular situation? Or how many times has she found herself in an ungodly situation because she failed to seek God first? How many times has Jeanne neglected to seek guidance from the Lord before she makes a decision about some issue? How many times has she walked by sight and not by faith???? How many times has Jeanne sat quietly to just listen for His “opinion” after she has cried out to Him about not knowing which way to turn?? How many times has Jeanne missed God saying, “Turn to me, my child, and I will take care of it all.” ?

  Well, I know that Jeanne “has not inquired of the LORD” or” asked not counsel at the mouth of the LORD” or “not consulted the LORD” tooooo many times in her past!!! Now, she has asked the Lord God to forgive her in this area of disobedience. Because of this verse somewhat “hitting her in the face,” she has realized that her every decision, whether it be simple or complicated, requires prayer. The decisions that she makes as a woman of God, who is performing the task of being a Mema, a Moma, a wife, a sister, a friend, a teacher, a sister-in-Christ, and just a person are to covered in prayer. She may have considered herself to be quite “independent,”, but in her “old age,” she is seeing that she is NOTHING without Christ Jesus, and “she knows that she knows that she knows” she can never NOT be dependent on her sovereign God. Jeanne must depend on Him in every aspect of her life, especially her prayer life. She does so struggle with her prayer life!!!! ( Bless her, Lord!! ) In order to remain faithful to Him, she must ask for His advice and guidance as He counsels her in each decision she makes.

  Seeking His counsel instead of my own from now on, ( I pray!!! )
Mema Jeanne



One thought on “Whose Decision Is It?–Mema Jeanne

  1. I am just reading this on Monday, but this really hits home Jeanne! You can add my name right along side of yours. I finished reading “Kisses From Katie”…about a young girl who is like the next Mother Teresa…living and serving in Uganda…and she made this decision right out of high school! She says that living over there she is in constant prayer, b/c she has to depend on God every moment of everyday. America really is in bad spiritual shape when you compare the two countries. I pray for revival and forgiveness right along side of you.Morgen

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