I Know My Redeemer Lives!

I Know My Redeemer Lives!!! -April 7, 2012- Mema Jeanne

  “….for you are my family redeemer.” What a wonderful section of the Bible to be responsible for writing about today!!! Yet, it made me a little nervous because I don’t have the thoughts of a Bible scholar or the thoughts of a writer. So, of course, I asked God to give me a new nugget, something that I could respond to from my heart. However, I loved the sentence in Ruth 3: 9, and how wonderful is it that we can read about our redeemer on this special time of year-Easter. The Lord is good!!!!!! Yes, just as Boaz was Ruth’s redeemer so Jesus Christ is ours. Just to read ahead in Ruth 4:22– “ Jesse was the father of David.” It gives me goose bumps to see God’s sovereignty even in the OT– a promise for the future. “I Know My Redeemer Lives” by Nicole Millen is probably my favorite song at this season of my life. “I know my Redeemer lives, and that in the end He will stand upon the earth. And after my skin has been destroyed, yet in my flesh I will see God; I myself will see Him with my own eyes-I, and not another. How my heart yearns within me!” Job 19:25-27
Oh, yes, my God and your God is soooo good, girlfriends!!! You see, I was going to write on Ruth 2:22, but God blessed me with the few minutes of His Sweet Presence as I just wrote the first paragraph; He has brought tears to my eyes and joy to my heart in just thinking of the power of His mighty word and the promise of seeing Him “with my own eyes.” He has humbled my soul in this time with Him and His word.
Is there a need for me to elaborate on the verse I chose: “You might be harassed in other fields, but you’ll be safe with him.” ( 2:22 ) Yes, but not to the extent I had thought!! Every word in His Word is truth and should be acknowledged by us. Yet, because He is my Redeemer, He will not allow me to be harassed in other fields–if I am obedient to Him in reading His Word daily,(even hourly if that’s what He desires at times), in keeping my thoughts on Him and His goodness, in staying in contact with Him by praying “without ceasing”, in keeping myself encouraged by being with a body of believers, in sharing Him and how He has worked in my life with others; and if “I love the Lord my God with all my heart, and with all my soul and with all my strength!” In all of this, dear sisters, we WILL BE SAFE WITH HIM!!! And that fact “IS better than a Hallelujah!!!!”
My cup runneth over because I know my Redeemer lives,
Mema Jeanne

  This morning, the Lord kept me in His field, not in “other fields”, and that is something I love about Him for His field is the place to be!!! Thank You, Lord!!!


One thought on “I Know My Redeemer Lives!

  1. Mema Jeanne,What a great post to read on this Saturday morning. My reading is also on the 4 chapters of Ruth. Such a refreshing change from reading Judges. I love the verses you chose and the way God spoke to you about them. The passage I highlighted is Ruth 2:11-12. They really spoke to me. So now I go about this day thinking: " The Lord has seen what you have done for ————–(fill in the blank)" At the end of the day, would He be pleased at my actions? Have a great weekend, sisters. Our Redeemer lives!>

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