Beauty and The Beast

Our beauty is only skin deep…it is never a reflection of what lies below the surface.  In our reading today the story of Abigail triggers admiration for what can only be described as a most faithful and honorable woman, a woman of true integrity.  Nabal, seemed only to be attracted to her beauty but it is her intelligence and wisdom that helped to manage his daily affairs and to keep him out of trouble.  What judgement she used, what quick and decisive action and what extraordinary steps she took to maintain peace.  This is a woman who humbled herself and interceded for her people before David even if it meant great sacrifice and personal cost.

While I read I thought of what attributes Abigail portrayed, what exactly made her godly:

  • Abigail was a wise woman – She was able to recognize the need to humble herself and intercede for her people (1 Samuel 25:28).  How often do I put other’s needs ahead of my own?  How often do I pray for others rather than my own interecessions?
  • Abigail was a courageous woman – She risked her lfe by not telling her husband of her plans.  Her motives were not for herself but rather to plead for the lives of others – she was prepared to die.  In our everyday lives we may not be called to risk our lives but we may be called to step out of our “comfort zone” and be courageous…are you ready for the task?
  • Abigail was prophetic – Because of her prophetic words to David she was able to avert bloodshed that day (1 Samuel 25:33)
  • Abigail was a faithful woman – She believed in God and gave His message to David.  Because of her faithfulness she was rewarded, she became the wife of David.

Abigail is a woman who did remarkable things in her day but God is asking us to do remarkable things for Him in our day (Matthew 28:19-20)!  Her life is a statement of fact.  Wisdom belongs to us all (James 1:5).  As a woman you might find yourself in a position to lead not by choice but simply because the others around you are not capable of doing it.  Will you have the integrity to make the choices that Abigail did, will you use your God given ability to give the glory to God?


Mary Ann



2 thoughts on “Beauty and The Beast

  1. This one is a gem, Mary Ann. It must not have been easy for Abigail to be married to someone like Nabal. Yet in just a few verses, I sensed her grace, her wisdom and her courage. That courage (and quick thinking) not only saved her household, but saved David from taking vengeance and shedding blood. God took care of Nabal in the end. Abigail is an inspiration. 

  2. I love Abigail and learned so much about her when I read Max Lucado’s Cast of Characters-Commoon People in the Hands of an Uncommon God. This is what M.L. said: “Abigail teaches us so much. The contagious power of kindness. The strength of a gentle heart. Her greatest lesson, however, is to take our eyes from her beauty and set them on someone else’s. She lifts our thoughts from a rural trail to a Jerusalem cross. Abigail never knew Jesus. She lived a thousand years before his sacrifice. Nevertheless, her story prefigures his life.Abigail placed herself between David and Nabal. Jesus placed himself between God and us. A. volunteered to be punished for N’s sins. Jesus allowed heaven to punish him for yours and mine. A. turned away the anger of David. Didn’t Christ shield you from God’s.” Jesus was our Mediator just as A. was the mediator between D. and N. This book is probably one of my most favorite as it has truly helped me to “know” the characters that God used in His word. May each of be courageous, prophetic, and faithful as we use our God given ability to give glory to God in all that we attempt in our daily lives.Mema Jeanne

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