April 19th….The End of Saul

Today in my reading I finished the book of 1 Samuel.  Samuel the priest and judge  had already died;  and now Saul the first king of Isreal dies;  or rather kills himself.

Let’s consider the difference between these two men.  Saul was inconsistent; disobedient; and all about self.  His heart was not for God but for his own desires.  Samuel on the other hand was consistent, obedient, and  he had a heart for God’s will and a genuine desire for God.  Saul was dedicated to himself;  Samuel was dedicated to God.

Having a successful spiritual life like that of Samuel consists of stacking obedient days one on top of the other…like bricks.  Each brick of obedience may be small in itself, but over time the bricks pile up and suddenly you have a wall of strong character and consistent obedience.  How is your wall coming?

Lord, we ask that You help us to be consistent followers of You.  Help us to be strong in the faith each day.  We want to be more like Samuel and less like Saul.  Guide us back on track when we stumble off of the path You have set before us.  We genuinely desire You Lord.  Thank You for showing us the right way.  In Jesus’ precious Name, amen.






3 thoughts on “April 19th….The End of Saul

  1. Morgen,My wall tends to collapse sometimes when I get distracted. But I'm glad our God allows us to rebuild over and over again. Poor Saul. He was so desperate because he could not hear from God anymore that he resorted to consulting the witch of Endor.  I was saddened by the death of Jonathan as well. How brave were the men of Jibesh Gilead that they went to Philistine territory to recover the bodies of Saul and his sons. The ESV Study Bible says that these men did not forget how Saul rescued them back when he started his reign (1 Samuel 11). 

  2. Amen Morgen! To be Samuel and not Saul that is so important. The reading for this day hit me in the relationship between David and Jonathon and how important Jonathon was to David. To have a BFF that is that close is a tremendous blessing. I think these verses show it is not just for us women either, our men need these types of friendships as well. For the reading on the 20th here are my FB thoughts on that:Day 120~ Can you imagine fighting this hard? “Eleazar stood his ground and attacked the Philistines until his hand was tired and stuck to his sword” (2 Samuel 23:10). That is some serious fighting! The question I have to ask myself is “Do I fight that hard against my enemy? Do I fight so hard using The Sword (the Bible, Eph 6:17) that I am stuck to it?” Fighting is HARD work. Right now I am fighting a battle in my own life. Am I going to use the Word and fight as hard as I can against the enemy who wants to kill, steal and destroy (John 10:10) or am I going to give up? I pray that I will fight. I pray that through this that Sword, God’s Word, will become stuck to me in new ways, in ways it hasn’t before and the verses I am using now to pray will become ones stuck to my heart from here on out. Ones I won’t forget that I can go to again when battles come my way. Standing my ground and fighting- it is so not easy, but it in the end the Lord will bring great victory and there will be plunder to collect (2 Samuel 23:10).

  3. The only way I can obtain strong character and consistent obedience is through prayer and being in His word A LOT every day. I really liked your brick analogy to obedience. How many bricks of obedience have I built up in my 62 years???Mema Jeanne

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