Everything is a Gift

“Everything is a Gift”–May 5, 2012–Mema Jeanne

  1 Chronicles 29:14- “But who am I, and who are my people, that we could give anything to you? Everything we have has come from you, and we give you only what you first gave us!”

  I am borrowing “wisdom” from Pastor Ray Prichard this morning. I found his site as I was looking for material to use with this verse. I thank God for leading me to this man of God as I know that I will read more of his sermons and articles; I love that God guides me to people who have that special gift of teaching, preaching, and loving the Lord God Almighty. Where would we be if we had not found Proverbs 31 and Wendy???

  So, back to v.14-
“These verses contain a truth we need to carefully consider. David says the people gave generously because they understood that everything they had came from God. In a sense, they were only giving back to God what he had given them in the first place. That’s why the people were able to give “willingly” and with so much joy.
That leads me to a crucial point for us to consider: Generous giving is not difficult when we understand that everything we have comes from God.
Everything is a Gift
This truth explains the amazing response of the people in David’s day. But it also stands as the basic truth that animates all Christian giving. All that we are and all that we have comes from God. Everything is a gift. Nothing is earned, everything is given.
Your life is a gift
Your health is a gift
Your career is a gift
Your intelligence is a gift
Your strength is a gift
Your personality is a gift
Your children are a gift
Your friendships are a gift
Your possessions are a gift
Your accomplishments are a gift
Your wealth is a gift.
You own nothing. Everything you have is on loan from God. He gives it to you for a little while and says, “Take care of it.” We hold on tight because we think it all belongs to us. Sooner or later we’ll understand that it doesn’t belong to us … and it never did. We are like little children holding so tightly to a few borrowed marbles. We grip them in our palm because we’re afraid of losing them. But sooner or later God himself begins to pry the marbles out of our hand. One by one he pulls our fingers off the things we think are ours. We may fight back, but he is stronger and he always wins. In the end he takes back that which belongs to him in the first place.
Life is the ultimate gift, but none of us lives forever. Rich man, poor man, beggar man, thief. Man, woman, boy, girl, white or black, young or old, John Ritter or Johnny Cash, we all die sooner or later.”

  Precious Lord, Who am I? I am Your child, Your daughter, I am nothing without You in my life. You have proven this to me over and over. Who are my people, Lord? My people are those you have placed in my life to cherish, to love, to care for, to pray for, to cry over and to laugh with, to encourage, to discipline, to let them go, to give them to You because they are yours, Dear God, just as I am. My people are also those whom I know not but can pray for and care about, and pray that they know You as their personal Savior. Thank You, God, that everything I have comes from You, Jehovah Jirah, Let me put my faith and trust in the fact that every aspect of my life is a gift from You. Allow me to easily release my grip as You see fit to either discipline me with a gift, encourage me further with a gift, or take a gift away from me. Let me willingly give back to You that which is Yours in the first place.

  He is my Everything,
Mema Jeanne


One thought on “Everything is a Gift

  1. Mema, Your post is a great reminder. Everything is a gift. We should thank Him for everything. I forget that sometimes. The hardest to let go so far has been my (His) children. I always have to remind myself that God loves them more than I do. So, release. And pray. I own nothing. Everything I have belongs to God. Wow. That means the dryer that suddenly stopped drying clothes in the middle of my three loads is not mine either. This stressed me out last night but I'm more calm now. Besides, people have lived for hundreds of years without dryers before and managed to survive. 🙂 Have a great weekend, y'all!>

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