Leaders May 4, 2012

I was unable to post yesterday but am thankful I had time to reflect on my readings as I attended the Chick-Fil-A leader cast with three other employees. The theme of the leader cast was Choices. We had the privilege of listening to Andy Stanley, John Maxwell, Tim Tebow, Urban Meyer to name just a few but I am thankful that the Lord wove the message of Andy Stanley into my reading from yesterday. 

My reading was, I hate to admit this, but dry…It revolved around the duties, treasures, officials, commanders, divisions and leaders of the tribes. It basically just listed names and responsibilities but as I read Thursday evening to prepare I could not begin to put together why the Lord would include this in His Story. What is the significance of this in His Story..?!?

So, as I sat down to search for words to post my notes from Andy Stanley’s portion of the seminar were open in front of me and I knew what the Lord wanted me to share and I thanked Him for His wisdom and His guidance to open my eyes further to His ways and how His hand is in everything we do if we let it and open ourselves up to Him. 

The last question Andy posed to the audience was What story do I want to tell? He said, every decision you make will be nothing more than a story you tell. A legacy you leave for those choice to share and for those who know you. He warns us to never choose anything that will make you a liar for life and never make decisions that create a story you aren’t proud to tell. Your story is with you forever. We get to decide what story to tell! Our story begins each day with the choices we make and each day we must begin with time in His story. 

God knew it was important enough to include the names and duties of the treasures, officials, commanders, divisions and leaders of His people. Without these people to lead and execute His story behind the scenes faithfully serving Him, His story may have turned out very differently. He desires us to be faithful to Him and these names I read, served the Lord in faith and I see their faith in action as the Lord shares them with us in His story. So, it begs the questions, what is my part in His story? What choices will I make today to glorify His story and weave Him in my life so I am not ashamed to tell “my” story? 

Oh, Heavenly Father, thank You for the time on this earth You have given us to choose to serve You. Thank You for Your forgiveness and mercies that are new every morning to humbly walk beside You in this life. Help us create a story that glorifies You, Lord! May we serve You in faith, giving You everything You have given us. It is all Yours, Father.  Empower us to make decisions that draw us closer to You. May we always be courageous to serve You because Your perfect love drives out all fear. Thank You, Father, for perfecting our faith and loving us unconditionally. May we lay ourselves down for You. May Your kingdom come and Your will be done. In Jesus Name we pray, Amen. 

One thought on “Leaders May 4, 2012

  1. Bethany,I'm smiling at God and how He led you to Andy Stanley to give you something to post for us. God did not disappoint. I love it. May we be mindful of the story that we are creating as we go about our day, as we interact with our loved ones, as we strive to follow in Jesus' footsteps. Thank you for sharing what you learned. >

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