May 9, 2012 – Two Things

This week’s reading has allowed me to get yet another glimpse of the man after God’s own heart. This has been a running theme to me the last few days. Today, two things stood out to me: David’s focus and David’s kindness.


The readings 2 Samuel and 1 Chronicles attested to David’s focus. It says that as God gave him victory, he gathered the spoils (2 Samuel 8:7-11) and set them aside for Solomon’s use in building the temple (1 Chronicles 18:8). Even though David did not build the temple, his fingerprints were all over it.


Charles Swindoll said that [David] began with the passion of his heart, pulling back the curtain to reveal his deepest desire—the dreams and plans for building a temple to the Lord. It was a dream that went unfulfilled in his lifetime. “God said to me,” David told his people, “‘You shall not build a house for My name because you are a man of war and have shed blood'” (1 Chron 28:3).


Dreams die hard. But in his parting words, David chose to focus on what God had allowed him to do—to reign as king over Israel, to establish his son Solomon over the kingdom, and to pass the dream on to him (1 Chron 28:4–8).

David’s kindness – the one that is harder to follow – is detailed in 2 Samuel 9.  It said that David wanted to find someone from the house of Saul to whom he can show kindness. Normally, when kings take over, they slaughter all the male members of the predecessor to remove any threat to the throne. But David did not do that to Mepibosheth, the son of Jonathan.  Even though Mepibosheth’s grandfather, King Saul, caused David years of suffering and exile, David’s love for Jonathan won out. Instead of viewing Mepibosheth as a threat, David saw him as the means to honor his promise to Jonathan. David showed an exceeding amount of grace. Ah, to be able to be like that. I can’t also help but imagine how Mepibosheth  felt as a recipient of that grace. When he realized that not only will he live but he was also given the privilege of dining with David from then on out? A lame man in a place of honor, dining with the king. Amazing! To me it is a mirror of our state. We are all Mepibosheths in some way. In our sinful state, we are lame and helpless, unable to stand before a holy God. But when we accept Jesus as our Lord and Savior, we are made righteous. God sees us as the redeemed and not only are we invited to dine with the King at the Marriage Supper of the Lamb, we as the church will also be His bride. 

[Reading from Blue Letter Bible – Chronological Plan]


One thought on “May 9, 2012 – Two Things

  1. I love the connection to Mepibosheth and I; both broken and lame….yet because of Jesus, I am allowed to eat at the King’s table! Wow…amen Lord!Morgen

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