May 21, 2012 – Mighty Warriors

These are the names of David’s mighty warriors…

2 Samuel 23:8


Chronologically I don’t know when David penned 2 Samuel 23 but I trust the scholars who sub-titled it “David’s Last Words.” I find it comforting that in his last days, David chose not only to praise the Lord for what He has done through him but also the many men who helped him along the way. David knew that he could not have done everything he could without the faithfulness of God and the faithfulness of his men.


It occurred to me that God surrounds us with mighty warriors as well. God has placed women in our lives who lift us up. At the moment when we need it the most, they speak words that bring tears to our eyes because it seems to come straight from the Lord. You know what I’m talking about, right? Those women.


These are the names of my mighty warriors….


If I have to start somewhere I suppose I have to start from the beginning. So I thought of  my Mom and my maternal grandmother. They are the ones who modeled faith and prayer for me. My mom and her mom, they were very close. So close that they died 11 months apart. Prayer warriors to the very end. I owe it all to them.


Then there is Lisa, my co-worker from many years back who told me about the need to be born-again and recommended her non-denominational church in North County.


My sister-in-law, D, the first born again believer in our family of Catholics. She taught me not to be ashamed of my faith in Jesus Christ.


There is Alzira, an ICU nurse who tended to my mother during her last weeks. She saw me reading the bible to my mom and thought I might be interested in going to a wonderful bible teaching church. It was the same church that Lisa had mentioned years ago.


Soon after my Mom died, I finally decided to attend that church with my sister-in-law. It was there that I met Cheryl, one of the ushers. One day she approached me and said she was praying for a new usher to replace someone who was leaving. God placed me in her heart. It was the first time I became an answer to a prayer. šŸ™‚ How can I say no? I finally found my ministry.


Later I joined my first women’s group. Where I met…


Catherine, the women’s group leader who taught me about the joy of studying and digging in His word. She was the one who introduced me to the Jon Courson commentaries and also the Precept studies that still play a big part of my studies today.


There is Anna, one of the ladies in the group, whose fire for the Lord just inspires me to love Him more. Anna is a survivor and is always willing to be Jesus’ hands and feet to others.


Then came Diana, Desiree, Denise, Brenda and Bea from the same group. I learned so much from them about walking in faith and believing God no matter what.


Cheryl left ushering after she had her miracle baby and was replaced with the tireless Lolita. I love Lolita. She’s in her 60’s and her story is remarkable. She practically lives at church and when my son was sick last year, no pastor was safe from her. She cornered every single one of them after each service asking for prayers for my son’s healing. God heard. 


Then there are the women whom I have never met face to face but yet influenced my walk to what it is today. Bloggers Lysa TerKeurst, Joy Brown, Especially Heather, Emily Freeman, Beth Moore. Wendy Pope.


Thru Wendy, I met many special sisters, six of whom form this home we call His Gathering Place. These women, sisters really, are such a huge blessing in my life I do not know what I would do without them. They are there for a virtual shoulder to cry on and always available for prayers (and I’ve been needing lots of them lately). They share their love, their wisdom and their knowledge.  I want them to know they are loved and appreciated. Their prayers have altered the course of our family for the better.  God blessed me with meeting one of them face to face a month ago. I’m praying to see the rest of them soon. Maybe in September. šŸ™‚


But God is not done yet. Recently He also brought back two special friends from college, Joy and Jean. I’m so happy to be reunited with them even just online and even more glad that they are both Jesus girls as well. We continue to grow together and the conversations we share are much more enriching than those we had when we were 17 years old (very immature 17 year-olds, I might add. It’s okay, we’ve repented). 


I counted and it’s not quite as many as  David’s men. But they are more than enough because thru these women, these strong mighty warriors, I learned so much. I learned to have faith in the midst of  adversity, to rejoice in suffering and to walk in obedience even when it hurts. I experienced amazement in how God restores relationships, how He melts the hardest of hearts and touches the sickest of the sick. Thru them I learned to trust God because in their lives I saw there is always something much better around the corner – much better than we ever hope for or imagine. Finally I learned to never, ever stop praying because God always answers – in His own time. Whether they realize it or not my love for the Lord, my faith in God and my obedience to the Holy Spirit continue to grow because of them.


So to my mighty warriors – Thank you, I’m so glad you’re in my life.


Much love,



 [Reading from Blue Letter Bible – Chronological Plan]


2 thoughts on “May 21, 2012 – Mighty Warriors

  1. Whoa T…..thank YOU! I am so glad that you are in MY life! Along with the other fav 5…..God has enriched my life; my joys; my faith; my love; beyond anything that I could have measured or foreseen.Thank you for Your surrender to Jesus. It inspires me to dig deeper; love harder; and share more with others.Morgen

  2. What an amazing post today!! I am so thankful for all you special sisters as well. The prayers and support over these past years have meant so much and I can’t wait till September!! G&P, I pray you will be there :)Love you girls!Brandee

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