Unless the LORD builds

“Unless the LORD builds…”–5/26/12—Mema Jeanne

  In what parts of my life have I allowed the Lord to build me into a strong foundation for His glory???

  I’ve “researched” Psalm 127 and have read great blogs and interesting thoughts as to what this particular Psalm is referencing. However, in this time of reading, I have found myself asking questions about myself and His building process of me as one of His children. In thinking back about the stages of my life, I see the opportunities He gave me to build myself into a godly person, yet I “labored in vain” without really knowing it!! I didn’t realize that I had to allow Him to be the Builder of my life; I was relying on me to do it all myself because I didn’t truly KNOW Him!!!

  The Lord God gave me my moma to build me during my childhood and teenage years. She did the best she could with the life we had to live. She trusted in the Lord and had faith that He would take care of us, protect us from the situations we had to face. She taught me scripture at such an early age. I know now that it was only by the grace of God that she provided for us as a family. I give God the glory for my godly moma who struggled all of her life. “God was her Strength”!!!!!!!!!!!!! God used her to begin laying the bricks for my foundation in Him. Thank You, Lord Jesus, for my precious moma!!!

  Unless the LORD builds– He has built my life in a way that I finally know that I must rely on Him and only Him to build and protect and guide me in my life. He placed brick by brick in my childhood, my teenage years, my adult life, my choices in life, my decisions that I made during my life. He laid bricks in building my life as a teacher, He has laid bricks to build my family, my reputation. Do I wish that the cement had held together a bit better in my relationships, my friendships, my responsibilities as a wife, mother, sister, daughter, as His child??? Oh yes!!!!!! But He has known the purpose of each brick that He has lain for my life. (Jer. 29:11) He knew from the time “He birthed me” that it would take a lot of brick laying before I would finally see Him as the Brick Mason of my life.

  For now, I know that I know that I know that I must live in a way that God is in it. I need to watch in a way that God is in it. I need to build in a way that God is in it. How do I do this? (paraphrased from a pastor online):
1. I pray that God will build and guard and work.
2. I rely on God’s power and protection and provision in my building and guarding and working.
3. I should give all my building and guarding and working to God.
4. I should do all my building and guarding and working in a way that is pleasing to God.
5. I should give God all the glory for whatever is accomplished.

  Waiting for the next brick to be lain,
Mema Jeanne


One thought on “Unless the LORD builds

  1. Mema Jeanne,Am late in replying but I found myself nodding a lot when I read your post. Unless the Lord builds – then all our labor is in vain. This applies to everything in our lives from marriage, to child rearing, to working, to serving, etc. – without God's anointing it will all turn to ashes. We are to seek Him first in all we do. Do I do this all the time? Nope. Work in progress.  I hope you had a relaxing weekend.

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