May 31st….WISDOM

We all know someone we would consider wise.  Maybe, just maybe as we are maturing and being sanctified by God, others will begin to call us wise.  Solomon is considered the wisest man to have ever lived.  What, or should I say Who made him this way?  It was all a gift from God.  Solomon, in humility and grace requested this gift from God, and God more than granted it to him.  Along with it came wealth and prosperity and a long life.  He was doubly blessed for his selflessness.

The first time we read about Wisdom in the Bible is in Genesis 3:6, where Eve is convinced that if she eats from the tree in the middle of the garden, she will get wisdom.  Boy did she ever;  yet this was not the kind of wisdom she should have wished for.  When God gives us wisdom, it truly is a gift.  When we take it from a forbidden source, it is not a gift at all.

Proverbs 2 tells us alot about Wisdom.  Wisdom is a God-given gift;  but it is also the result of really searching for it.  Wisdom’s starting point is God and His Word.  God gives it to only those who earnestly seek it.  When we are on the path searching for Wisdom, we discover that true Wisdom is God’s and He guides us and rewards us for our sincere and persistent search.

Wisdom is gained through being consistent with our right choices in life.  And when we fall into the pit and fail;  we must learn from it, ask forgiveness and recover.  All aspects of Wisdom are not developed at once, it is a constant process of moving towards God and deeper into His Word. 

Just like Solomon, we can pray for Wisdom and then take the needed steps to develop our lives and choices and actions around being wise.

“with humility comes wisdom”

“better to get wisdom than gold”

“the man who loves wisdom brings joy”

“If you need Wisdom, ask our Generous God and He will give it to you”

“there are treasures of Wisdom and knowledge”

May we accept wisdom from the only One capable of giving it to us.  Let us ask and we shall receive.






2 thoughts on “May 31st….WISDOM

  1. What I thought of today Morgen as I read the Proverbs and about wisdom is that we can have a lot of knowledge but still not have wisdom. I can read the Bible over and over but if I don’t walk in it and live it out, it is just that, knowledge and not wisdom. True wisdom is when we take what we know and apply it. Application is the difference. Today several Proverbs stood out and this is one I wrote about on Facebook:14:4, “Where there are no oxen, the feeding trough is empty, but an abundant harvest comes through the strength of an ox.” My Bible notes said, “You don’t have to worry about having feed on hand and cleaning up after an oxen if you don’t have any, but you also won’t have an abundant harvest. Sometimes the benefits of an investment outweigh the costs and inconveniences involved.” I think this could be applied to so many things. Sometimes not doing something or not having something is easier, but what do we miss when we don’t take the risk? The benefits and blessings that come will be so much greater than what it costs us. One example I can think off going on right now in my own house is my son wanting a dog. I am so skeptical of doing this, but the child is about to DIE to have a dog. I have lived with dogs in the house before and they bother my allergies something terrible, but I do know they have hypoallergenic dogs that might be ok for us. Am I willing to take the risk because of the benefits or just keep saying no to him? I don’t know. Right now we haven’t given in and gotten a dog, but one day we might change our minds and fill our home with this “oxen.” 🙂

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