June 7th – The Lord is my Shepherd

I have been reading Psalm 23 this week and Ecclesiastes. The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not be in want. Earlier this week, those words rolled around in my head and heart. How can we live each day not wanting? We are to cast our cares upon the Lord because He cares for us, but then what? Act like they aren’t there? What does it mean to truly not want?

Ecclesiastes tells me that life is meaningless? Everything is meaningless. The greater my wisdom, the greater my grief. To increase knowledge only increases sorrow. (Ecc 1:18)

I want more knowledge. I love to learn. I want to be wise and the Bible tells me to fear the Lord that is the beginning of wisdom? I want to serve the Lord and spread His love. I want to be His hands and His feet. I want to be a good mother. The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not be in want…..So, why do I want? What is the point of wanting if everything is meaningless? If wisdom just brings more grief?

What is that about? My heart was yearning for an answer and my spirit would not let it go and either would my Shepherd. He led me right back to the sweet spot of His lap through the commentary of Chuck Smith and the encouragement of some blessed Jesus loving prayer sisters!

Chuck Smith explains that Ecclesiastes is the searching for the meaning on the natural plane of life and not acknowledging the spiritual plane. The author is putting man on the level of animals. It is looking at man as an animal. And trying to find the reason or the purpose for life on the animal plane and it must follow that life on the animal plane is totally empty. Chuck continues to explain that man as an animal is aware and conscious of his body needs, and he is living to seek to satisfy his body needs. And the person who lives on the body level seeking to only satisfy his body needs, denying the spiritual aspect of his nature, is going to end up ultimately with this feeling of emptiness and frustration.

This struck a chord with me and within my spirit. How many people do we know that are walking around empty handed, empty hearted, and frustrated with life? I asked myself, if I have all of these wants yet still feel empty am I living on the animal plane of life or the spiritual plane of life? To have a deep, intimate personal relationship with our Heavenly Father, we must worship Him in spirit and in truth, to open our spirit to Him, our minds to Him, our hearts to Him. We are His living temple and His Spirit lives within us. As I pondered these thoughts, the Holy Spirit is starting to put the pieces together graciously and is making something beautiful, giving me a desire to lay down my life on the animal plane and surrender to His will, giving me thoughts of His Kingdom and His will be done on earth.

Afterall, He is my Shepherd and I will not want…..those simple words that seemed so heavy earlier this week, have a new meaning on the spiritual plane of life because I want nothing that doesn’t come from my Shepherd and I don’t want anything that He doesn’t desire for my life, I don’t want to live a life meaningless. I want to be under the protection and guidance of my Shepherd.

Heavenly Father, we thank You for Your Spirit. May we abide in Your Spirit today. May our needs and wants be centered around Your kingdom to come and Your will be done. Enligthen the eyes of our hearts, Father, so we may know You better. Help us surrender anything that may be leaving us empty and frustrated and fill those spots with more of You. We thank You, Father. All glory to You this day as You empower us to be Your hands and Your feet.


In Jesus Name,Amen! 



3 thoughts on “June 7th – The Lord is my Shepherd

  1. Ah, I love Pastor Chuck and listen to his call-in radio show, Pastor's Perspective whenever I can. His insights are spot on. (May I ask that you include him in your prayers since he is still battling lung cancer?) Great insight, B. May our Good Shepherd continue to be tender to you as He removes and refines. May you remember to trust and rest. (((HUGS)))

  2. I just read this devotional from Roy Lessin of DaySpring. It made me think of your post: Lord, I thirst for you. I long for more of your life-giving, spirit-refreshing, heart-fulfilling, thirst-quenching, life-changing waters of life. In this thirsty land, in these dry places, amidst these empty wells of this world I come to you and drink. Thank You for promising to satisfy my thirst, to fill my cup, and to cause it to run over. Thank You for giving me pure, undefiled, living water. Thank You for the water that comes from beneath Your throne, from the well of Your Son, from the river of Your Spirit, and from the water of Your Word. Lord, I come to You, the Fountain of living waters.  I turn from every broken cistern which cannot hold water. I welcome Your gracious invitation to come to Your waters and drink freely— without money, without price, without labor, without strife. I drink of You, I drink from You, I drink because of You. Lord, I drink now. I drink by faith. I drink with thanksgiving. I drink because You have said, “Ho! Every one who thirsts, come to the waters. ”

  3. Love this post! And I love what G&P added….and why do we thirst? Because we are dry. Kind of like my prayer life as of late….dry. All of my own doing….not taking the quiet time that is required to converse with my Savior. Take the time. Quench the thirst. Your words were for me….Morgen

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