July 30, 2012 – Blessings

So shall my Word be that goes out from My mouth; it shall not return to me empty but it shall accomplish that which I purpose, and shall succeed in the thing for which I sent it. Isaiah 55:11 


The other night I participated in a workshop at church about writing a letter of blessings. I had every intention of writing to my son who is leaving for India in a few days. However, before we got started the moderator asked that we sit quietly and release our pre-determined recipients to God.  As the minutes ticked one name became very heavy in my heart – and it wasn’t my son’s. God wanted me to write a letter to a complete stranger. I only know two things about her:


1. Her son’s name; and

2. She is suffering the unimaginable right now. 


Really, Lord? She’s going to think I’m a complete nut. I guess it’s a good thing she doesn’t know me.


So I started writing and wouldn’t you know it, the words just flowed. (Lord, why can’t it be this easy when I’m trying to write a blog post?) I finished the letter wondering how I’m going to send the letter because I don’t know her address.


Guess what? I found it the next morning. Two clicks is all it took and the letter of blessing went out in the mail.


What is a blessing?  According to Mark Biltz, who came to our church recently, it comes from the Hebrew word “barak” meaning to kneel. So when someone gives you a blessing, that person is on bended knee and he is giving you a gift. Now picture God wanting to bless you, He is on His knees wanting to give you a gift. Powerful, isn’t it?


Pastor Biltz also said that when we give someone a blessing, it’s not coming from us, but from God. He is just using us as a channel. I marvel at God. Who used me as a channel knowing how troublesome I can be sometimes asking questions instead of just obeying – to let someone know that she is God’s beloved , that even when her world is falling apart, He holds everything together. The Lord shall give her rest from her sorrows. She is loved constantly and unconditionally.  In the midst of the unknown He is Jehovah Shalom – the God of peace. 


I pray she received that letter today and is being covered by the power of  God’s Words. 






[Reading from Blue Letter Bible – Chronological Plan] 




Your thoughts?

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